June 20, 2009

35 Weeks and Counting!

I know, I know...I am officially the worst blogger ever. It's been a very long time since my last post, but time just gets away from me! We have had four wonderful baby showers, with one more to go! Greg and I feel very blessed for all of the family and friends who love us and already love baby Macey.

Well, there are a little less than five weeks away from THE DUE DATE (July 22), which is so exciting and a little unbelievable. Before we know it, she'll be here, and Greg will be surrounded by even more girls! Speaking of the girls we already have...Dorsey is not exactly sure how she feels about this "baby" she keeps hearing about. She said she'll make up her mind when Macey arrives and she can see for herself what the fuss is all about.

Everything has still been progressing along very well. I feel great and healthy. I just feel cranky when I have to step foot outside. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but it's HOT. If you're in Memphis, I know you understand my pain. If this were Thanksgiving, I would feel the need to tell everyone around the table, "Folks, this year I am only thankful for air conditioning."

Her room is coming along quite nicely. We're still waiting on the border (no need to get me started on that subject), but we have reason to believe that it will actually be delivered this week. Enjoy the photos! If you'd like to see more pictures from baby showers we've been given, just click here!