February 16, 2010

She's 7 Months Old, Folks!

I can't believe it, but seven months ago Greg and I were holding a brand new baby girl in our hospital room. I don't think seven months has ever gone by so fast!

Macey is making us smile a little more each day. Her babbles are starting to turn in to words--at least parts of words. Let's see, we have "Geg" (Greg), "Sey" (Dorsey, I think), "Hey," "Hi" and the occasional "Whoa."

She's also seriously considering crawling, but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe that'll be something new to add to her next birthday post!

February 6, 2010


Greg taught Macey a new game recently. I'm not sure what's funniest about this video. It's a tie between Greg's cute "Daddy voice," Macey's obvious desire to keep the toy computer closed or Dorsey's jealous cameo at the end. You be the judge!

P.S. WARNING: Greg's video has a few Blair Witch Project moments.