October 16, 2009

Happy 3 Months!

Miss Macey is 3 months old today! 3 WHOLE MONTHS! TODAY! She is as active as ever and just never slows down. As you may have noticed, we are planning to take pictures with her bear each time she turns a month older. The photo shoots are already getting more difficult...as you can see below.

Bored. Obviously.

"Hmm...maybe I'll just chew on the bear..."

"Yes! Excellent idea!" (Photo shoot over.)

October 15, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever

I can admit it. I'm the worst blogger. Ever. In the history of blogging. But I vow to get better!

Tomorrow is Macey's 3-month birthday! I cannot believe that she invaded our world just three short months ago, but I am so glad she did. Every single day has been better than the last. Every single day, we learn a little more about her. Let me tell you, that kid loves life. She wakes up giggling and goes to bed with a content smirk on her face. I feel very blessed to have a healthy, happy, growing baby girl.

Sometimes, you just have to let it all hang out...

See what I mean. Happy baby!

Proud momma and daddy at Grandpa's birthday party.

In non-Macey news, we Joyner's are moving! Heading back over the state line to good ol' Tennessee. We are so excited that our home sold and we found a new home so quickly. In a period of 4 weeks (yes, that's four weeks), we got a contract on our house, found a new house and will be closing on both of those homes...still within those same 4 weeks. Our heads are still spinning a bit!

Goodbye for now. I will have Macey's 3-month pictures tomorrow! (Or at least I plan to accomplish that great task!)