April 23, 2009

A Couple New Additions...

We've made a couple additions to little Macey's room recently. But it still looks pretty bare! Soon (when the border arrives) it'll start to look much more like a little baby girl's room!

I'm especially proud of this because I put it together all by myself! Well, we'll say 80% by myself. Greg came when I needed his help and quickly realized I put about 5 rails on backwards. BUT THEN, there was no stopping me!

(Don't worry folks, I was nowhere near when the crib was put together. She should sleep safely.)

April 11, 2009

Preparing the Nursery

For Macey's nursery, we decided to go with pinks, browns and creams. These colors will be quite a contrast from the blue and white guest room, which is now being transformed into a baby girl's room!

It's been a big chore so far, that's for sure. But we're definitely happy with the progress!

BEFORE: Blue and White
(Me, 24 weeks, and Dorsey, just nosey.)

PHASE 2: Primer...lovely, I know.

PHASE 3: Paint! (Cream and Chocolate Brown)

More to come soon! (Well, "soon," means whenever I find a pink/brown border to go in the middle!) Seriously, how difficult can it be to find a pink/brown border for this room?! I'm making progress though. Hopefully I'll find the perfect one soon!