December 20, 2013

Our Newest Baby

Hayden Gregory Joyner
December 19, 2013 at 12:44 p.m.
8 pounds, 3 ounces
20 inches long

We are so very proud of our precious boy! Today was such a wonderful day! Our Hayden arrived, and the excitement of learning the gender upon delivery did not disappointment. It was so fun! I think the docs and nurses thought it was fun, too, because it seemed like everyone was pretty excited for the big reveal in the operating room. Macey and Easton love him, and Macey already wants to hold him absolutely as much as possible. Thankfully, she's really great at it, so I know she'll be a huge helper! Easton is a proud big brother and especially loves Hayden's dark hair. I am so thankful for the prayers and positive thoughts from family and friends today. It couldn't have gone more perfect, and I totally felt the support from everyone!

December 18, 2013

39 Weeks

How Far Along: 39 weeks! TOMORROW is baby day!!!!!!

Baby is the size of: A watermelon. Yesterday, the lovely ladies in my office started a pool to guess gender, weight and length. The guesses for weight are ranging anywhere between 6 pounds 15 ounces to 10 pounds 2 ounces. I'm hoping for somewhere right in the middle.

Total weight gain: Right at 40 pounds. Could have done better, but it could have been much worse. I'm just thankful the holiday season arrived at the end of my pregnancy. I've eaten more goodies lately than any person should!

Sleep: Not great this week, but oh well. Last night, I felt like I was starting to get sick (both kids are sick at our house right now) so I took some Tylenol for the headache and sore never even crossed my mind that the medicine would help with my achy hips/back while I was sleeping, but it sure did! I actually slept very good last night.

Symptoms: Hmmm...still waddling around like a duck as this baby drops lower and lower. I was just telling Greg this morning that even if we didn't have a c-section scheduled tomorrow, I bet the baby would be here soon because my Braxton Hicks contractions have become more intense and I've started feeling pretty crampy off and on.

Movement: Still rolling with the homies in there--not as many hard kicks/jabs.

Maternity Clothes: All of them...except I did buy some super comfy fleece pants at Target last weekend that I've been wearing a lot!

Go-to eats: Just sugar of any kind. It's ridiculous. I'm like freakin' Buddy the Elf.

Best moment of the week: Watching Macey pull off the next to last number from our Baby Countdown calendar. She was so excited to see that we'll meet this baby TOMORROW.

Gender: I just don't know. For the record, the consensus at the office is boy, and I'm usually thinking boy, but sometimes...sometimes I think about a sweet baby Sadie.

What I’m looking forward to: TOMORROW, duh! Oh, I can't wait!

December 12, 2013

Just for fun...

A friend at work asked my guess for the baby's weight and height, and I thought that was a fun thing to think about!

My official guess is 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long.

Here's the rundown for Macey and Easton:
M ( born at 39 weeks): 7 pounds even and 20 inches
E (born at 40 weeks): 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21.5 inches

December 11, 2013

38 Weeks

How Far Along: 38 weeks! We are eight days away from meeting this sweet baby! Unbelievable...

Baby is the size of: A pumpkin. That just sounds ridiculous...have you ever seen a baby come out as round as a pumpkin? As per usual, I think at this point all the various baby websites should say, "Your guess is as good as mine!" when it comes to the weight because my favorite site says, "anywhere from 6.2 to 9.2 pounds." Quite a range. Probably around 20-ish inches.

Sleep: Pretty good! Except for Saturday night. I went to bed and was fast asleep by 8:30 p.m. (hallelujah!), BUT I was wide awake for the day at about 3:30 a.m. Ridiculous. I just got up, cleaned the kitchen and watched about 74 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress until Greg woke up, too.

Symptoms: My belly gets in the way often these days. At my check-up this week, all was well. No dilation yet, but things are thinning and the head is lower, so even if a c-section wasn't scheduled for next week, we'd probably be meeting our sweet baby soon.

Movement: Definitely different now. Baby is getting big and running out of room. I still feel him/her every day, but it's obvious when baby's probably sleeping because there's no movement, then during wake-up time I can feel rolls and stretches, not so much kicks.

Maternity Clothes: As much as I love maternity clothes (I could wear stretchy jeans for the rest of my life), I'm kind of tired of my options. I'm sure all pregnant women feel like this toward the end, but nothing ever fits just right, and I've worn it all a million times. Oh well, I'd sacrifice fashion for a precious baby any day!

Go-to eats: I haven't been as hungry lately; I guess the baby's taking up so much room that my stomach can't get too full. However, I still just want sweets 24/7. I'm crossing my fingers that will subside soon!

Best moment of the week: Not baby-related, but over the weekend we were able to go to Breakfast with Santa at Cedar Hill Farms, and it was AMAZING. The kids loved it, and the entire breakfast was so well done. It was a really awesome morning.

Gender: I'm still on the boy train, but we shall see soon! Although this week, both kids have been saying it's a "Sadie Marie," so they're thinking girl now!

What I’m looking forward to: Hmmm...we have a few family festivities coming up this week/weekend, which are always fun. Plus, the kids' Christmas program at school is Friday, and I cannot wait for that! It was so precious last year when Macey was in it, and it'll be even more fun this year with both of the kids up there singing their little hearts out. In the baby realm, I'm excited for the weekend because it'll be our very last weekend as a family of just four. :-)

December 4, 2013

37 Weeks

How Far Along: 37 weeks! As of tomorrow, we're exactly two weeks away (or less) from meeting Baby J. At this week's check-up, the c-section was officially scheduled for December 19 at noon. Macey's c-section was at noon, too, so these two could end up being born at the same time. Wouldn't that be crazy? Her official entrance into the world was 12:39 p.m.

No matter what, this baby just can't decide to show up before Friday night because my dad and brother are out of town until then!

Baby is the size of: A winter melon. Basically, at this point, I think babies sizes must range a ton because every website says something different. Let's just say, Baby J's probably at least 19-20 inches and at least 6 1/2 pounds! From here on out, baby will just keep packing on the weight at a rate of about 1/2 an ounce each day. Oh, how I love a chubby baby!

Sleep: The past couple nights have been great, especially last night. I had a prenatal massage yesterday afternoon, and last night was the first night in a couple months that my hips haven't ached as I was trying to fall asleep. I'm counting down the days until I can sleep on my stomach again. How heavenly that day will be...

Symptoms: Definitely rocking the pregnant lady waddle, which isn't surprising given the baby's low position. As of Monday's check-up, I still hadn't started dilating, but the baby's position is even lower. I guess right now everything is just pretty typical...daily Braxton Hicks contractions, achy hips, pretty sleepy in the evenings...

Movement: Still pretty active little thing! But these days I feel more wiggles and rolls than actual jabs and kicks.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes. My favorites lately are leggings with baggy t-shirts!

Go-to eats: I haven't been as hungry lately; I guess the baby's taking up so much room that my stomach can't get too full.

Best moment of the week: Making a little baby countdown calendar for the kids. They take turns each day removing a number, and as of today we're 15 days away! It's a fun way for them to be involved, and I think it's especially helping Macey comprehend how much time is left a little more. I also packed my hospital bag over the weekend, which is always exciting. It's funny how much changes--I packed so much less for me and baby than when I was having my first!

Gender: I'm back on the boy train, but we shall see soon!

What I’m looking forward to: This isn't baby-related, but I'm really excited about this weekend because we have breakfast with Santa plans. The kids are so looking forward to it, and I am, too! I just hope this ridiculous ice storm they're predicting doesn't come to pass. I mean really, who has time for ice all over the roads?

December 1, 2013

Things That Make Me a Terrible Southerner

I am Southern through and through. Born and raised in Memphis, TN--and I love it here. I spent a summer living in NYC while in college, and while it was amazing, even then I knew I probably could never make it my home. Although it has some serious flaws, I love the South.

That being said, there are some major things that make me a terrible Southerner...
  • I won't drink tea. Sweet or unsweet, ice or no's disgusting. Of course (like a good Southern lady), I can pretend to like it and politely sip if it's the only option at a bridal shower or something, but ugh...just yuck.
  • I despise bacon. I know, I know...but seriously, even the smell grosses me out.
  • Apple pie? Disgusting. Really, in my opinion, all pie is gross except the chocolate fudge pie I make. And really the main reason I like that is because it's a lot like fudge (delicious) in a graham cracker crust, not a traditional pie crust.
  • You won't ever catch me hanging out in the woods. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the beautiful Earth God gave us, and I can take a day at the farm to visit some animals, but you'll most likely never catch me living too far away from a Target or going hunting. Basically, if something happens and we have to suddenly survive on our own out in the woods, I'll probably just immediately stop living. 
However, I don't think the Council of Southern Living* will take away my Southern status card or anything because I can say y'all and bless your heart with the best of them. Plus, as you can see, most of the things I associate with being purely Southern are food-related, and this ol' girl has no problem with a good home-cooked meal.

*I just made up the Council of Southern Living. I don't think it's a real thing, but now I'm thinking it should be.

November 27, 2013

36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks! Ahhhh...tomorrow we're exactly three weeks (or less) from meeting this sweet baby. At my check-up on Monday, my doctor turned in the paperwork for the c-section to be scheduled on December 19, so I'm in total countdown mode!

Baby is the size of: A honeydew melon, which is what the websites said last week. Anywho. Somewhere in the 5 pound range and probably close to 19 inches long. Who seems like every week the websites all contradict each other, but I'm still thinking this is a long baby!

Sleep: Better this past week! I guess we've all been tired because we've all been snoozing pretty hard around our house, but--of course--I have at least three bathroom breaks throughout the night! It's getting harder and harder to roll out of bed with allllll this belly in the way.

Symptoms: Getting tired earlier in the evening, and I'm definitely feeling the need to stay organized. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm "nesting," but I feel a strong urge to leave work each day completely caught up, and I've been wanting to stay on top of laundry and a clean kitchen way more than usual.

Movement: The movement has definitely changed, so I can tell baby is running out of room. At my check-up, my doctor said the head is quite low (I believe it) and he/she's in position, so I think there is just no more room for the karate kicks and jabs. I still feel movement, it's just different these days.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes. My favorites lately are leggings with baggy t-shirts!

Go-to eats: I did great on cutting back on sweets last week...but we're talking about this week, and it's all downhill from here.

Best moment of the week: My check-up! Even though they're pretty quick and boring these days, I love hearing the heartbeat and getting that reassurance that all is well. Plus, each appointment is just one step closer to delivery!

Gender: I'm back on the boy train, but we shall see soon!

What I’m looking forward to: The holidays! Greg and I are both about to have four full days off work at home with the kiddos, and I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas after our Thanksgiving festivities. It's going to be fun/weird to have a fifth stocking on the mantle. I bought a "Baby's First Christmas" stocking last week, and I can't wait to see it hanging up with the rest of them! I'm also considering packing my hospital bag this weekend. Baby's is all packed up and ready, and I have a list started for mine...

November 19, 2013

35 Weeks

How Far Along: 35 weeks (tomorrow)

Baby is the size of: A honeydew melon. About 20 inches long and around 5 to 5.5 pounds. I'm putting my money on longer than 20 inches, but that's just me!

Sleep: Lacking. But right now, my thoughts on this topic are a little skewed because Baby J and I went to the Justin Timberlake concert last night. We didn't get home until 1:30 a.m., so I'm exhausted in every way possible.

Symptoms: Sleepy. And I get hot way too easily! I'm definitely enjoying these cooler temperatures.

Movement: We still have an active baby, but I feel like he/she must be getting pretty settled in its head-down position because the movements are less all over the place.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: As per usual, I'm cutting back on sweets, BUT this week (which means yesterday and today), I've had none. That's no small feat for me and this sweet tooth!

Best moment of the week: The baby shower, hosted by three very good friends, was absolutely perfect. It's pretty amazing to have so many people who love this precious baby already!

Gender: Your guess is as good as mine...I just have no inkling of an idea these days.

What I’m looking forward to: First and foremost, going to bed tonight. Baby-related excitement would have to be next week's check-up. I love getting updates from the doctor!

Baby's First Concert

Last night, Baby J and I went to a concert with some great friends...and thousands of other folks. Yep, we did it up right for baby's first concert. None other than Justin Timberlake! Such an awesome show, but oh how sleepy I am today.

November 13, 2013

34 Weeks

How Far Along: 34 weeks...So if you're keeping count, we're now just five weeks and one day away from Baby J's arrival!

Baby is the size of: A butternut squash. Anywhere between 4.5 and 5.5 pounds and around 19 inches long. I had a check-up on Monday (all is well) and was really hoping for an ultrasound to get a size estimate, but no such luck.

Sleep: Well, this isn't baby-related, but poor Easton has been sick since Saturday, so sleep has been lacking for both Greg and me. Poor kid just hasn't been resting well, but I'm hopeful that he's on the road to recovery so sleep will be better in the coming days. Crossing my fingers that he didn't pass anything on to me...momma really doesn't have time for strep throat right now.

Symptoms: Hungry a lot...what else is new?

Movement: LOTS. It's funny, at this point he/she definitely seems to have regular wake and sleep times because I feel so much movement in the morning and in the late evening, but then just mild movement during the time in between. When Baby J gets to going, my stomach looks alien-like because it's all over the place! At my check-up on Monday, my doctor said baby has turned head down and dropped lower.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: Right now, nothing in particular. I'm attempting to cut back on sweets--ha.

Best moment of the week: Hearing that the baby has dropped lower. Not that it really matters because it'll most likely be a scheduled c-section, but it was still exciting to hear that baby's doing what it's supposed to!

Gender: At this point, I really, really don't know. I've been team blue all along, but sometimes I imagine a baby girl.

What I’m looking forward to: Definitely excited about the baby shower this weekend! And I'm really looking forward to me and this (rather large) baby bump jamming at the Justin Timberlake concert next Monday!

November 7, 2013

33 Weeks

Not the best picture, but you can't always look adorable. :-)
How Far Along: 33 weeks (and one day).

Baby is the size of: A durian--seriously I think they make these fruits up sometimes. Anywhere from 4 to 5 pounds and around 19 inches, which I believe. I keep thinking this baby will be our biggest  yet, even though (so far) I've gained the least amount of weight. I feel like there's a lot of baby in there!

Sleep: It's weird. Lately, I've been getting up a ton throughout the night (bathroom breaks, the kids coming in our room, dogs roaming around, etc.), so obviously my night's haven't been incredibly restful, but somehow I haven't been exhausted during the day. Don't get me wrong, when 9 p.m. hits, the bed is calling my name, but I'm thankful to still have lots of energy during the day.

Symptoms: Hungry all the time...further confirming my suspicions that this kid's large.

Movement: This baby doesn't mess around. Some of the kicks and squirms lately are less precious and more jab-like, but I'm happy to know he/she is moving around like crazy in there. I'm not sure if it's an active baby, or if it's just trying to claw its way out.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: Right now, nothing in particular...Though I have still been thinking a lot about Chili's, which is really random. I couldn't tell you the last time I was there. Greg are I are going Christmas shopping this weekend, so we may satisfy that craving during a kid-free lunch!

Best moment of the week: Being able to finally say that our baby will be here NEXT MONTH. Oh, I love it! Six weeks from today (unless baby comes earlier) I'll be holding my precious little one.

Gender: At this point, I really, really don't know. I've been team blue all along, but sometimes I imagine a baby girl.

What I’m looking forward to: Hmmm...let's see. Next week will be great. Not only do I have a check-up, but some sweet, sweet friends are hosting a baby shower, which will be so fun!

October 31, 2013

32 Weeks

At my check-up this morning, all was well. Blood pressure still perfect, (shockingly) weight gain wasn't bad and everything is right on track. Per hospital rules, we can't officially schedule the c-section until three weeks prior, but my doctor is planning on Dec. 19, exactly seven weeks from today!

How Far Along: 32 weeks (and one day).

Baby is the size of: A pumpkin squash (fitting for Halloween!) Almost 4 lbs and around 19 inches! I believe every inch because I feel simultaneous movements from the tippy top to the very bottom of my belly.

Sleep: Hmmm...well, I can't complain too much because I know it could be much worse, but I'm not sure what a full night's sleep feels like anymore. There are numerous bathroom breaks and or mommy breaks when a little person comes into our room at night.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks have slowly returned, but nothing major at all. Starting to feel hot all the time and get tired much easier.

Movement: Lots and lots. This baby rarely slows down--I love it!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: Right now, nothing in particular...Though I have been thinking a lot about Chili's. Random. I couldn't tell you the last time I was there.

Best moment of the week: Over the weekend, we went through tubs and tubs of Macey and Easton's baby clothes. While that part wasn't fun, the end result of getting together all those precious baby clothes was so worth it. It won't be long until a little baby is getting lots of use out of them!

Gender: I'm still thinking boy, but who knows!

What I’m looking forward to: TOMORROW. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I can say, "We're having a baby next month!" :-)

October 23, 2013

31 Weeks!

 How Far Along: 31 weeks. Wow.

Baby is the size of: A pineapple. About 16 inches long and a little more than 3 pounds.

Sleep: By the time dinner and baths are done, I am so very much looking forward to bed. Still takes me some time to fall asleep, and I wake up often thanks to potty breaks or kiddos needing something, but it's just preparing me for the feeding sessions with a newborn! :-)

Symptoms: This past week, the Braxton Hicks contractions haven't been nearly as frequent. I've had some, but not daily. Other than that (and some hip pain), everything's moving along quite nicely.

Movement: Very frequent. I feel like this child must already be big because the movements happen all across my belly. Lots of elbow scrapes, which are the weirdest feeling ever. Macey was 7 pounds even and Easton was 8 pounds 6 ounces, so I'm mentally preparing for a 9 pounder, just because in my non-medical opinion it seems like they'll just keep getting bigger!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: Right now, nothing in particular, but I'm almost always at least a little big hungry.

Best moment of the week: Last night, Macey said, "Come on, mommy. Come on, Sadie. Let's go upstairs!" I said, "Macey, you do remember this might be a little boy right?" Some days she's still not convinced that there could be a boy in this belly!

Gender: Although I'm still thinking boy, I can also fully admit that it just might be because a lot of friends and loved ones think it's a boy, so it's easy to jump on that train. This weekend, we're going to pull down the newborn clothes from the attic and start getting some things ready so we'll be prepared for our Sadie or our Hayden.

What I’m looking forward to: Still pretty excited about Nov. 1 so that I can officially say, "Our baby will be here next month!" That makes it seem so very, very real. I'm also getting a little anxious to go ahead and schedule the c-section because I realized that the kids' Christmas program and school parties are very close to when the c-section will likely happen, and I don't want to miss out on any of that! Of course, if this baby comes on its own, we'll have to figure it all out, but I'll feel better when I can get it on the schedule avoiding those dates.

October 16, 2013

30 Weeks...

How Far Along: 30 weeks. Oh my goodness, it's the final countdown because by week 39, this sweet baby will be here! Nine weeks or less. Unbelievable.

Baby is the size of: A cucumber. Around 3 pounds and about 16 inches long. From the wiggly feelings I have all over my belly, I think this kid may be more like 20 inches long already!

Sleep: A bit lacking in that department lately. I have trouble falling asleep, then I frequently run out of space and covers because of the small children and dogs who find their way into our bed each night. Last night, I moved to Macey's bed because she was in ours, but precious Dorsey who loves her mommy followed me in there to go back to sleep with me in Macey's twin sized bed. And she laid all 55 pounds of her across my legs. Super comfy. Oh well, before long I'll be awake through the night for a much sweeter reason. :-)

Symptoms: Still experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions at least a couple times each day, which is such an interesting experience after having them very rarely with the other two pregnancies. Although I don't think Braxton Hicks contractions are truly connected with going into labor all on your own, I can't help but wonder if that will happen this time. My first two had no signs whatsoever of ever coming out, so I just wonder if this baby has different plans!

Movement: Often! Lately I've felt some elbow scrapes all across my belly, which is simultaneously precious and uncomfortable. Last night as I was reading before bed, the book literally kept bouncing around because the baby was kicking and moving so much in there.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes. When I get home from work, I almost always change into some comfy pants and one of Greg's t-shirts. Last night, Macey--who is all things girly when it comes to clothes--said, "Mommy, when you were daddy's shirts, you're just handsome." It didn't exactly sound like a compliment...she's much happier when I'm in cute dresses and maternity clothes. :-)

Go-to eats: Sunday after church we went to the delicious Corky's for a yummy barbecue lunch! Finally! I was a happy girl. Still having way too much trouble avoiding sweets. Basically, the whole "avoiding" part just isn't happening.

Best moment of the week: Buying Baby J his/her very first stuffed animal. I just love it. It's the softest green and yellow lion ever! I'll use that for the monthly pictures I like to do until age 1.

Gender: No idea. A lot of people are surprised that we haven't found out, but it's been surprisingly easy. When I do get a little antsy and wish I knew, I think about how fun it'll be in the operating room when Greg and I see our baby for the first time and learn if we have a precious girl or boy. And then I LOVE thinking about Greg going out into the waiting room and telling everyone!

What I’m looking forward to: Hmmm...let's see. At this point, in my opinion, every week is a big deal, but I'm really looking forward to November 1. That's when I can officially say, "My baby will be here NEXT MONTH!" 

October 9, 2013

29 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 weeks. It's crazy to be able to officially say that our baby will be here in 10 weeks or less. (Remember, unless Baby J comes earlier, this will be a c-section at week 39.)

Baby is the size of: An acorn squash. Didn't even know there was such a thing. Weighs anywhere from 2.5 to 3 pounds, which is probably about right for this little baby since he/she was measuring at 2 pounds 10 ounces last week at the doctor's office.

Sleep:Hip pain has been tough, but thankfully once I'm asleep, I've been sleeping really well.

Symptoms: Pretty frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, which is such an interesting experience after having them very rarely with the other two pregnancies. Nothing at all that's made me fear rushing to the hospital or anything like that, just enough to remind me that this baby will be here before I know it!

Movement: Pretty consistent (and very frequent) this week!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: I still haven't had any BBQ, but that still sounds really, really, really good right now. ATTENTION: Someone should get me some dang BBQ. Oh and sweets are kind of out of control lately. There may or may not be brownies baking in my oven as I type this...

Best moment of the week: Last night, Macey and Easton were laying beside me and talking to the baby, and Baby J started moving a lot! It was so sweet, like he already knows his brother and sister.

Gender: Still don't know. Even after last week's ultrasound, I know nothing. Because the main person doing last week's ultrasound was a student, I kept turning my head afraid I'd see something. Finally the sweet tech overseeing her said, "Trust me, this baby is so balled up and breech that there's no way you'll accidentally see something." We're all in the dark on this one! (Except God. He totally knows.)

What I’m looking forward to: Week 30! When I'm in the final set of weeks, it'll feel so much closer. And maybe I should get busy doing some baby-related stuff around the house...

October 3, 2013

Updates From the Doc

Today's check-up went great! Passed the glucose test (thank goodness), got both the flu and TDAP shots (didn't hurt, thank goodness) and my blood pressure was a perfect 120/80.

While all of that was just great, the best part was an extra long ultrasound thanks to the fact that there was a student technician who needed to do extra measurements and whatnot for class requirements. I was more than happy to oblige.

Baby looks great! Solid heart rate of 155 BPM and weighing in at 2 pounds, 10 ounces, which is very average at this point. Overall, the baby is still measuring a little ahead of schedule, but still no discussion of moving my due date up.

Baby J has already started his/her "practice" breathing exercises, which I always find so interesting. Basically, babies in the womb don't breathe in the sense that we're accustomed to, but they build up their lung function by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. This starts at some point in the third trimester, but it's different for every baby. I'm very happy to know this sweet one has already started because that would be very helpful if he/she decided to arrive early.

The only downsides?
  1. I completely forgot about asking for ultrasound pictures!
  2. I was either misinformed or confused (probably just confused) because I don't start bi-weekly visits yet. Kind of a bummer, but not a huge deal. I'll go back on Halloween and then start going every other week.

October 2, 2013

28 Weeks--Hello Third Trimester!

How Far Along: 28 weeks. The third (and final!) trimester is finally here. Crazy! I begin bi-weekly check-ups tomorrow, which means things will start to fly by! Can't wait to check on this sweet baby boy...or girl. :-)

Baby is the size of: An eggplant--around 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long. Amazing that all of that is sitting tight in my belly.

Sleep: Hip pain and lack of room when I'm trying to sleep thanks to the two dogs in our bed, the two children who inevitably wiggle in at some point and my growing belly.

Symptoms: Just my old lady, achy hips.

Movement: Pretty consistent. I love feeling the movement, but I guess that's pretty standard for all pregnant women. Although it doesn't really matter at this point, I'm almost positive Baby J is still in the breech position that he/she was in back at my 20-week ultrasound because almost all the movement is way down low below my bellybutton. I think the little feet are hanging out down there.

(**Post check-up update** Yep, baby is still very happily in a complete breech position, sitting on his/her booty with legs crossed.)

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: I still haven't had any BBQ, but that still sounds really, really, really good right now.

Best moment of the week: Macey referring to the baby as "my baby brother Hayden." This entire time she's been saying it's a girl and there was only a "Sadie" in there, but now she's starting to think it just might be a boy. Regardless, she'll be the greatest big sister to this lucky baby, too!

Gender: Still don't know, but I have now officially dreamed of a baby boy twice...

What I’m looking forward to: Tomorrow's check-up! I'm at the point (hopefully this is normal) where everything makes me a little anxious, so those more frequent check-ups will be so reassuring.

September 25, 2013

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 weeks. OH MY GOSH, in 12 weeks or less this baby will be in my arms! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I'll calm down now.

Baby is the size of: Supposedly, a rutabaga, but I really think that's already been used a few weeks before. Obviously, I need to use the same website from week to week for the sake of consistency. Anywho, Baby J is a little more than 2 pounds and around 15 inches long. I keep thinking this baby will be a big one, so each week I kind of err on the side of the bigger measurements when looking at the averages. Macey was 7 pounds even, and Easton was 8 pounds 6 ounces, so I feel like this one will be over 9 pounds. Not really sure if that's scientific, but it makes sense to me.

Sleep: Hip pain is definitely rearing it's ugly head making it tough to fall asleep some nights, but overall I can't complain.

Total Weight Gain: Right at 20 pounds. And I think I'm officially don't answering this question for the remainder of the pregnancy. Everyone OK with that? Cool.

Symptoms: Just my old lady, achy hips. :-)

Movement: While there are days with more activity than others, the movements are very, very easily felt. He's already an active thing!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: Pizza always sounds like an amazing idea. This week BBQ has been on my mind a lot. Memphis babies have to have their fair share of BBQ while in utero, right?

Best moment of the week: One night recently, I was laying down reading and it, was as if Baby J was doing the worm. The movements were crazy over the top and easily seen with my eyes. Greg was even able to watch it all.

Gender: Still don't know, but I have now officially dreamed of a baby boy twice...

What I’m looking forward to: The third trimester, of course! Just one week away!

Being a "Grown-Up" and a Mom...

Being an adult (and I use that term loosely) and a mom has taught be a thing or two. Because I've been an official grown-up for almost 11 years and a mother for 4, I'm really, really wise.

Some things I now know...
  • Being a mom means figuring out how to gracefully exit a Target when your child pukes in the diaper aisle. (I cleaned everything up first. Really Target should thank me because the floor was probably cleaner than it had been in the first place.)
  • Being a mom means learning the fine line between needing stitches and needing a hearty Band-Aid. (For the record, we've only had stitches once. Waiting on the broken bone any moment now.)
  • Being a mom means knowing how to politely tell your child, "Quit faking, you're not hurt." But you know, in a sweeter way than that.
  • Being a mom of three (almost) has most definitely taught me how to keep my mouth shut when others seems catty or self-righteous about the only way to parent. And, by the way, makes me very, very thankful that I decided long ago (pre-kids) to literally never say never. I knew I'd end up eating my words when I had kids, so I thought it'd be best to bypass that completely.
  • Being a mom means reminding a smaller person to say, "I need to use the restroom" instead of "I need to go poop right now!" on a daily basis.
  • Being a mom means being right by their side when they want to see if the family fish will allow them to be pet. (Woody seemed OK with it; Sofia, not so much.)
  • Being a mom means playing in the mud, running in the rain, dumping out every toy in the toy box and letting kids help cook dinner is kind of amazing. Messy, but amazing. I mean, there much of anything that truly can't be cleaned up later?
  • Being a mom means ironing is so overrated. Unless it's picture day, a holiday or a Sunday morning when my mom will see the kids at church, I don't care about wrinkles. (Maybe this one just applies to me.)
  • Being a mom means you're the best mom you can be for your child. Give yourself a break, you're doing everything right...even if you mess up every once in a while.
That's all for this installment, but as I gain more wisdom, I'll continue sharing. It's the least I can do.

September 19, 2013

The Name Game

With poor Easton, we didn't have a name picked out until the third trimester. For some people, that's completely normal, but I'm a planner, and it was nearing a totally unacceptable time frame to still have a nameless child in my womb. We found a compromise and agreed on Easton (Greg's favorite) Paul (my dad's name).

Before we were even pregnant this time, I was determined to have at least a narrow list of name possibilities. I could sit and talk about baby names for hours, but Greg thinks it's the most boring thing ever--especially when we're not even expecting a child! But one day we were on a quick road trip, just the two of us, and we decided to make a baby name game like a basketball tournament bracket until we found our favorites.

We came up with some great ideas, which was perfect for when we found out we were expecting bambino numero tres.

And now, I think we've officially decided on the name possibilities:

Hayden Gregory Joyner
Sadie Marie Joyner

Hayden is a name we both really love, and Gregory is (duh) Greg's full name. Sadie is just a sweet little name (in our opinion), and it just so happens to be the name of two of my great-grandmothers. 

Marie is the most special because my amazing, awesome, wonderful Nana was named Margaret Marie, and she thought every girl in the world should have the middle name of Marie. She was a big fan. Also, it's my Aunt Lee's middle name, and she'll try to convince you that we'd be naming a girl after her. :-) Marie is also special because Greg had a precious, precious Aunt Marie who passed away not too long ago. She was a spitfire who everyone loved, and she has a special place in all of our hearts.

Dream, Dream, Dream

I'm sure most people have heard about women experiencing vivid, crazy, weird or scary dreams during pregnancy. Although, I can't remember any super crazy things happening while I was in dream land with any pregnancy, I've definitely had baby-related dreams. When I was pregnant with Macey, I remember dreaming that Greg and I were walking through the mall with a toddler-aged girl. That was before we knew she was indeed a girl!

When I was in my first trimester this time around, I had a dream that my precious Nana (who passed away last year) was rocking this sweet baby, and it was a boy.

Last night, I also dreamed of a baby boy...but...this dream wasn't as precious. Terrifying was more like it.

Background info: Keep in mind, I've had two scheduled c-sections and have never even felt a real, labor contraction. My body's never dilated, I've never been effaced...shoot, I still don't even really understand what effaced means. At this point, a c-section is about 99% likely this time around, too.

So...last night, I dreamed that I not only went into full blown labor, BUT it was so fast that baby boy was delivered right in our house. And he was TEN POUNDS, 2 OUNCES. I basically dreamed that I gave birth to a freakin' toddler. The old fashioned way!

Ay yi yi.'s kind of interesting that I dreamed of a boy once more, especially because lately I haven't really had any strong feelings either way about the gender.

September 18, 2013

26 Weeks!

How Far Along: 26 weeks. I cannot believe I'm just two weeks away from the third trimester!

Baby is the size of: A head of lettuce. Around 2 pounds and 12 inches (give or take).

Sleep: Even though the hip pain is coming back, I've been getting good, solid rest once I fall asleep.

Total Weight Gain: At this point, I'm really not sure because I haven't weighed this week. Oops!

Symptoms: Today, I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable...just an achy back and belly. I guess it's just par for the course until Baby J arrives.

Movement: Some days are more active than others, but I love feeling this precious thing move all around.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes. None of those are maternity, they're just stretching out with me. :-)

Go-to eats: Pizza always sounds like an amazing idea.

Best moment of the week: Hmmm...I ordered my first baby-related item! So very excited!

Gender: Still no idea. I used to feel pretty confident that it was a boy, but now I don't really have a strong feeling either way.

What I’m looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to my next check up. I think they start bi-weekly check-ups in the third trimester to lessen moms' stress levels more than anything. At this point, I can get anxious about something and my mind can wander. It'll be so nice when I get an official doctor's report every two weeks!

September 12, 2013

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks and one day. We'll hold this sweet baby in our arms in 14 weeks or less!

Baby is the size of: A rutabaga. I sincerely have no idea what that is, but the baby's approximately 13.5 inches and a pound and a half.

Sleep: I don't know what has changed, but I've been sleeping GREAT lately! Never long enough, of course, but getting really solid sleep, which is amazingly wonderful.

Total Weight Gain: Oh, around 15 pounds or so now...I'm determined to sloooow that down!

Symptoms: Nothing major...just growing.

Movement: Still a lot of movement, which I love!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes. None of those are maternity, they're just stretching out with me. :-)

Go-to eats: I basically shouldn't keep sweets in the house anymore because they disappear really's weird.

Best moment of the week: Hearing his/her sweet heart beat last (163 bpm) Thursday at my check-up. AND realizing that I'll enter my third trimester the week of my next appointment, which means I'll start having check-ups every other week after that. Yay! (Worst moment...realizing that at my next check-up, I'll have the glucose test, flu shot and TDAP shot...horrific.)

Gender: No idea. I used to feel pretty confident that it was a boy, but now I don't really have a strong feeling either way.

What I’m looking forward to: Of course, the next big milestone is the third trimester, which is just three weeks away! I'm also looking forward to getting to work on the "nursery." This little one won't be in his/her own room until he's a bit older. Well actually, it'll share a room with brother or sister. Macey and Easton have their own room, and we have a playroom upstairs. I'm not ready to give up the playroom to make another bedroom, so for a while baby #3 will be in our room. We have a sitting area in our master bedroom that's the perfect size for a crib and chair, so I'm going to decorate that area and make it look as precious as possible for this sweet baby! I have some ideas that I'm excited about, but I probably won't really work on that until October...or November. Yeah, probably November. 

September 6, 2013

Celebrities I've Met (Because I'm So Cool)

Since I was the tender age of about 12, when I purchased (well, my mom probably bought it) my first Teen Beat magazine (JTT on the cover, what what!), I've been obsessed with celebrity culture. Yes, yes, yes--I know, I could be into deeper, more meaningful things, but I am who I am.

I love me some celebrity gossip, even if I am getting old enough to say, "Who the crap is that?" when I watch the VMAs.

So, without further ado, I present...celebrities I've met, along with some photos.
  • 'NSync--Yes, all of them. And it was amazing. I was about 14, and my great-uncle owned a club in Memphis they were playing. It was before they were super famous in the U.S. (I have a picture of this encounter somewhere...)
  • The Backstreet Boys--I was 20, and it was just as amazing as when I was 14 and meeting 'N Sync.
  • Chris Brown--I was 20 and in an elevator with him. He was super sweet (pre-Rihanna scandal) even though we chatted, I didn't recognize him until he got off the elevator. Oops.
  • Mike Tyson--True story. He and his posse came into Finish Line when I was working there in high school. We had to shut down the place because within minutes (maybe seconds?) there was a sea of people trying to come in an meet him. My manager told me not to talk to him. I totally did. He even said, "Hi, Emily." (That's MY name!)
  • Blake Griffin--Possibly the only celebrity encounter where I was less than cool. I was seven months pregnant with my first baby, and Greg and I had traveled to Kansas City for the first or second round of the NCAA tournament to watch our beloved Tigers play. The whole ride up there I obsessively talked about, "What if I meet Blake Griffin?" Then, walking through a hotel, I saw him. I might have yelled "Blake!" as he was trying to go into a team meeting. Then ran/waddled to him for a picture, but not before I told him, "I'm pregnant, not fat and ignore my Memphis shirt for now." (He played for the University of Oklahoma at the time.)
  • Andy Katz--Saw him on the same trip. For some reason, I don't think he was as excited to meet me as I was to meet him. Whatevs.
  • Mike Wolfe from American Pickers--He was sitting in front of us at a Tennessee Titans game last season. Super nice guy.
  • Peyton Manning--OK, I didn't actually meet him. When he was still in college, I saw him in the airport and I called out to him hoping he'd like run over to me and give me a hug or something. He didn't. But he did look at me and wave. I ran to my parents to find a pen and paper to get an autograph, but I never saw him again.
  • Memphis Grizzlies players--Although, like most Memphians, I've seen some around town here and there, I actually got to meet some at a luncheon for work last year. Super fun for a basketball fan like me!
  • Lots of Memphis Tigers basketball players--Maybe not "celebrity status" famous, but basketball gods in Memphis.
And I just realized all the famous folk I've hobnobbed with are boys...sounds about right.

I wasn't supposed to take pictures with the Backstreet Boys (my boss' rule, not theirs), but I snuck this one with AJ during some downtime after a performance. Such a rebel, right?

Blake Griffin. Looking pumped up to see me.

Andy, faking his excitement. Please remember, I'm 7 months pregnant...
Mike Wolfe. So handsome.
My friend Annalisa and me with Memphis Tigers coach, Josh Pastner.

Joey Dorsey! Ahhh...look how skinny I was. Sad face.
Rudy Gay

Zach Randolph. I hate this picture of me, but ZBo looks adorable, as always.

September 4, 2013

24 Weeks

TERRIBLE picture of me, but with Macey feeling under the weather and Greg trying to run out of the house to meet a friend for dinner, I didn't have time for many options. Yuck.
How Far Along: Today, I'm 24 weeks exactly.

Baby is the size of: An ear of corn (About 12 inches long and a little more than a pound)

Sleep: Over the nice, long Labor Day weekend, I got lots of great rest! So this week, I've felt very good. It still can take some time to find a comfortable position to fall asleep, but all in all--not bad.

Total Weight Gain: I've been avoiding getting on the scale this week, but I'll have to break down and do it tomorrow morning before my check-up. I like to be prepared before I hop on the scale in front of others at the doctor's office!

Symptoms: Nothing major...but a rapidly expanding mid-section. However, in the past week I did start experiencing good ol' Braxton Hicks contractions. Some have been worse than others.

Movement: Lots of movement! He/she is a busy little thing.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes. None of those are maternity, they're just stretching out with me. :-)

Go-to eats: Pizza still always sounds delicious, which was true when I was pregnant with Easton, too. Sweets have been a big weakness, which has been disappointing because they weren't very tempting before week 20!

Best moment of the week: Greg feeling the baby move for the first time, and officially starting September! I feel like we're really getting close now; 15 weeks or less, and we'll be meeting our precious new baby.

Gender: No idea. I used to feel pretty confident that it was a boy, now I don't really have a strong feeling either way.

What I’m looking forward to: Hmmm...let's see. October because of my birthday, but I guess that's a selfish thing to look forward to and not exactly baby-related. Because of my weekend of Braxton Hicks, I'm slightly more anxious to get farther along to a point where the baby would be OK if I went into labor. With my first two, they were perfectly snug in my belly for the long haul, and I'm hopeful this one is, too! However, the logical part of me knows that the more frequent Braxton Hicks contractions are probably just a result of being busy and not taking enough time to rest. AND they still haven't even been that frequent compared to what I'm sure other people experience, just different for me. Thankfully, I have a check-up tomorrow, so I can chat about it with my doctor. 

September 3, 2013

Baseball Stud

Lately, most afternoons when we get home, Easton wants to go outside and play baseball. He's graduated from the tee and won't even use that anymore, and he's particular about which bat he'll use. He apparently feels that he's moved on from the plastic bats and will only use this MLB bat. It's definitely not a real baseball bat, but it's pretty heavy for a 2 year old his size! Here are a couple videos showing off his skills!

Car Wash...

This weekend, we all went out side to wash the cars. This is how Easton "helped."

August 26, 2013

22 Weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks & 5 days

Baby is the size of a: Spaghetti squash...11 inches and about a pound

Sleep: I've actually slept much better the past week! I've been getting out and walking more, which really helps. Plus, because we got rid of our cable service, I don't lay in the bed watching TV forever before finally winding down. Now, if I could just make myself stop watching Gossip Girl episodes on Netflix and get in the bed earlier...

Total Weight Gain: I haven't weighed this week, so we'll stick with around 10 pounds! Although I'm sure I've gained from last week. Stupid sweet tooth!

Symptoms: Nothing...boring, I know. Although, this morning I was overwhelmed with the smell of smoke when I stopped at a red light. I look to my left, and the person in the car next to me had his windows down and was smoking. Even though my windows were rolled up, I smelled his disgusting cigarette as if I were in the car with him. I don't know if the smell was that strong or if it was related to my pregnancy hormones. Yuck!

Movement: Very, very often. I'm willing to bet that he/she is still in the same breech position as at our 20-week check-up because all the kicks are hard and down low.

Maternity Clothes: I'm in mostly maternity clothes, but I have one pair of regular jeans (they're a little stretchy) that still fit, quite a few regular tops still fit and all of my comfy workout/laying around the house clothes still fit fine. I'll boldly wear those comfies allllll 40 weeks. :-)

Go-to eats: Pizza, cheeseburgers...thankfully, my willpower won't let me eat those things too often, but even willpower can't stop my mind from dreaming about them. of the reasons I think this is a boy is because I just want a bunch of "boy/man" food--pizza, burgers, sandwiches, etc.

Best moment of the week: Feeling the baby's movement with my hand on my belly for the first time. So fun!

Gender: Still don't know, and we've got about...oh...16 weeks until we find out. I can't wait until the doctor announces what we have in the operating room!

What I’m looking forward to: Still looking forward to hitting the 24-week mark. I'm ready for fall (including boots and fall clothes) because then I'll really really feel like this baby will be here before we know it!

August 19, 2013

21 Weeks Along

This pregnancy, I've been terrible about regular updates, so from this point forward I will attempt to update this little questionnaire each week!

How Far Along: 21 weeks (and 5 days)--due date Christmas Day. Although, I still firmly believe I'm a week farther along than the doctor will say, which would make my due date December 18. 

Baby is the size of a: Carrot...almost a pound and about 10.5 inches long.

Sleep: As per usual, I have a lot of hip pain when I lay down. But the good thing is that it's not waking me up once I finally fall asleep. However, I am already to the point where I pretty much wake up any time I need to turn over. Counting down the days until I can sleep on my stomach again!

Total Weight Gain: 10 pounds. (Don't be surprised if there comes a time when this question miraculously disappears...)

Symptoms: Nothing really. As I've said many times, my pregnancies have always been pretty boring, and I'm hoping this one stays that way. Currently my only pregnancy "symptom" is a growing belly.

Movement: Often! I started feeling little twitches here and there pretty early on this time around, and now I feel lots of movement all throughout the day.

Maternity Clothes: I'm in mostly maternity clothes, but I have one pair of regular jeans (they're a little stretchy) that still fit, quite a few regular tops still fit and all of my comfy workout/laying around the house clothes still fit fine. I'll boldly wear those comfies allllll 40 weeks. :-)

Go-to eats: Pizza always sounds amazingly delicious, and I've been making a little turkey (heated)/cheese wrap for lunch that's delicious. It's not special at all, it just tastes really, really good to me!

Best moment of the week: Not exactly directly baby-related, but the best moment this week was cleaning out Macey's room. It's been driving me crazy that her room was a madhouse, so yesterday we cleaned out the closet, drawers and the toy box (which included setting aside baby-friendly toys to bring back out in December). If this baby is a girl, she'll eventually share a room with Macey, so for my own sanity, I needed her room to be in better order.

Gender: Your guess is as good as mine (my guess is a boy, by the way). To my own surprise, not finding out the gender really hasn't been difficult. Even though we decided not to find out even before we were pregnant, a big part of me always thought one of us would cave. When that 20-week ultrasound happened, we were both still totally fine with keeping it a surprise. Then, the baby cooperated by being in a breech position, so the ultrasound technician couldn't even see, which means there's not even a gender listed in our chart anywhere. We couldn't change our minds at this point if we wanted to!

What I’m looking forward to: Right now, the next big milestone for me will be 24 weeks. With each new month, I feel so much closer to his/her arrival, and I'll hit 24 weeks at the beginning of September. Plus, we have a lot of fall birthdays in my family, so September-December always flies'll probably feel like we're getting into the homestretch!

July 17, 2013

Interview with Macey, Age 4

Favorite color: Blue (This surprised me...usually it's pink or purple.)

Favorite animal: Chicken (What in the world?) and horsies

Favorite food: Chicken nugget (Ah, the irony.)

Favorite movie: Dragon Hiccup (A.K.A. How to Train Your Dragon)

Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me

Favorite TV show: Sofia the First

Favorite place: The park

Best friend: Mattie

Favorite princess: Rapunzel

Favorite restaurant: McDonald's (This cracks me up...I can think of a handful of times she's been there, but hey...momma loves some McD's fries, too.)

Favorite drink: Lemonade 

Favorite toy: Ariel Barbie doll

Favorite game: Unicorn (No idea.)

June 21, 2013

Was that a kick?

I'm only 13 weeks and two days along in this pregnancy, so I know that's really probably a little too early to feel any movement, BUT this morning when I was laying completely still in bed, I really think I felt something.

Supposedly, with subsequent pregnancies, you almost always feel the movement earlier than in your first because you know what to expect. With this being my third, I think it stands to reason that I could just be that cued into what to feel.

PLUS...I'm really 14 weeks and 2 days, I just don't have the pesky medical degree to technically be considered correct. See, before my first prenatal appointment, my due date was Dec. 18 based on dates (ladies will know what this means, guys just don't even try to wrap your head around it). Then at the first ultrasound, I was measuring about a week earlier, so they made my due date Dec. 25.

I was OK with that, until the ultrasound at my second appointment showed I was measuring perfectly along with the original due date. Well, my doctor said she was still sticking with the due date from the first appointment. Rude.

My organized, date-focused self really hates that she took my week away. Whenever someone asks how far along I am, I tell them, but in my head I'm saying, "But really 14 weeks..." or whatever.

Anyway, back to the kicks...I really, really think I felt the little peache's first movement this morning at 13 weeks (a.k.a. 14 weeks) along!

June 8, 2013

First Dance Recital

This year was Macey's first year of dance, and today was her very first recital! She has loved dance, so she was pretty pumped up about the big stage, costume and (most of all) make-up!

Once we got backstage for her first dance (ballet), she started to seem a little unsure about the whole thing. She was crying when they took her back to line up for her turn on stage, but once she was out there, she was happy as a lark. After the first dance, she was excited and ready for round two!

As I'm sure it is with all dance recitals, there was a lot of waiting between her routines, but she was a trooper and loved watching the other kids dance--especially the big girls.

Here are links to her dances:

Ballet (Now I See the Light from Tangled)--back row on the end
Tap (Take a Bow)--front row on the end

See what I mean? Not happy at first.

Snacks with a buddy between dances!

SILLY girls!

Proud daddy!

Macey and Grandma

June 4, 2013

Dear Pixar...

Idea from a mom. (A brilliant idea, I might add.)

You should make a Toy Story prequel about when Woody was originally made. We know he's been in Andy's family a long time, but who had him first? And was he a diva toy TV star back when Woody's Round-Up was originally on air? 

Yeah, go ahead and start working on that and just send me some royalties later. Oh, and invite me to the premiere. That'd really be the polite thing to do.

June 3, 2013

Some Potential FAQ About Baby Number Three

What?! Yep, I said it. Baby number three. This is happening.

But Emily, your kids are so young. Are you crazy?
Quite possibly. Right now, Macey is 3 and Easton is 2. Sounds slightly terrifying to add a newborn to the mix. BUT by the time this bun gets done cooking, Macey will be 4 AND A HALF, and Easton will be almost 3. Sounds totally different now, huh? Yeah, I know...but we're pumped!

How on Earth did you keep this a secret from your adoring public for almost two months?
Truly an act of God.

Refresh my memory, when is this one due?
Christmas Day! But he or she will arrive via scheduled c-section because I've already had two c-sections--most likely the week before that due date.

He or she, pink or blue? When will you find out the gender?
See the previous question. The week before Christmas. YEP, THAT'S RIGHT, we're holding out and not finding out the gender. Crazy, right? I agree! But because we've already been blessed with one of each, Greg and I both think it'll be an amazing, special moment to find out in the delivery room. It's like we're living in the Stone Age.

Was this baby planned?
Geez Louise. Rude.

Haha, just kidding. I'm super nosey/curious, so it's totally something I would wonder. Baby Joyner #3 was planned, prayed for, thought about, dreamed about--all of the above! 

Obvious question. Names? 
We have some serious contenders that are pretty much set in stone, but because we have...oh, six months or so to change our minds, we won't announce that just yet. But the middle name will either be Gregory or Marie (after my precious Nana, Margaret Marie. But if you ask my Aunt Lee, Marie is TOTALLY after her middle name.). 

P.S. So, I hate minivans, but if we can't make three carseats work in my SUV, I might be stuck with one of those monstrosities. It's for the kids, so you MUST promise not to make fun of me. I will ride in style and still bump non-kiddie music like a boss. Haters gonna hate.

P.P.S Approximately one month before giving birth, I will be jamming out in all my glory at the Justin Timberlake concert, and it will be amazing.

May 22, 2013

Preschool Days

Today marked Macey's last day of her very first year of preschool!

Look out junior kindergarten, here she comes! For the next school year, she'll be at the same preschool, which we love. Ol' Easton will be starting there this fall, too, and it'll be so nice to have them both at the same place and on the same schedule!

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May 6, 2013

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April 26, 2013

An Open Letter to T.J. Simers

In reference to his recent LA Times article about Memphis.

Hi Mr. Simers,

Lifelong Memphian here. How are you? Probably not so good. Remember, you're in Memphis.

I’m sorry you’re so miserable in our city, but I’m willing to bet that despite your disdain, we’ve shown you some pretty good down home, Southern hospitality. I've always said Memphis is like your mother. You can get annoyed with her, but if anyone else says something out of line, that person's in trouble. You sir, were out of line in calling our city a rathole, among other hateful insults.

Have you taken a moment to check out the amazing things Memphis has to offer? Have you noticed how wonderfully kind and generous so many people are? Did you know that while Memphis has one of the poorest zip codes in the country, we're also one of the top cities for our size when it comes to charitable giving? I've worked in nonprofit--in this city--since 2007, and time and time again I've been humbled and appreciative of the willingness to give.

Have you checked out the Memphis Zoo, AutoZone Park, the Cooper-Young district, the green line or Shelby Farms? Did you look in awe at the beautiful FedEx Forum, or did you just focus on the things you chose to mock and insult? Have you taken a moment to chat with locals? Ask for recommendations? Eaten some mouth-watering BBQ? Or have you just run as fast as you could to hide out in your hotel room?

And please, PLEASE do not knock our police officers. They're out there every single day protecting our city--my friends, family, children, co-workers--MY city. Do they have difficulties? Sure. What major city doesn't? Do we have a lot of crime? Sadly, yes, but that's not something to make fun of, it's something to try and correct. Every police officer in this entire country is putting his or her life on the line every time they put on that badge because they're selfless men and women who want to do good work every day. I beg of you, respect those officers. They're doing a job that I doubt you're willing to do.

Please sir, take some time to see the good in our city. And for goodness sake, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Bless your heart.


Emily Joyner

April 8, 2013

My Little Man Playing Basketball

Recently, Easton's love of sports has kind of come out full force. He loves his "bootball" (football), "backetball" (basketball), "bayball" (baseball) and soccer. He says soccer pretty clearly, so no need for translation!

Personally, this basketball-loving momma is most proud of his skills on the court! He loves to play on the goals at Grandma and Granna's houses, so I guess one of these days we need to get him a goal for our house! For someone who just turned 2 in February, I think he's pretty good--but it's highly possible that I am a tiny bit biased.

This video is too cute...until you get to the end where it's obvious nap time is upon us. Just disregard that part and focus on the adorableness.

March 25, 2013


It's been a long time since I've posted anything, so I thought I'd make it an interesting post!

Last night, we got STITCHES! Although I wasn't expecting that last night, I must admit that I'm really surprised it hasn't happened sooner. To say my kids are rambunctious is an understatement. My mom has encouraged us to get an Aflac accident policy more than once.

Macey was running laps through our house, like she so often does, and as she turned a corner, she slipped and went head first into the corner of a low table/chest thing in our living room. I saw the hit, and I knew it hurt! I put her in my lap, and when I ran my fingers through her hair to console her, I was shocked to see blood oozing down the side of her face. My initial reaction probably wasn't the best "keep calm and carry on" attitude, but that's really not the point of this little story.

After I saw the blood, Greg scooped her up and took her in the kitchen to start applying pressure, and I called Greg's mom to come over and take a look. She got there quickly, and said she thought it might need a stitch. So, we left Easton with her and headed out the door with a screaming, scared Macey.

She cried the whole way to the ER, then walked in happy as a lark. Seriously, she didn't have a care in the world once we walked through those sliding glass doors. Granna was there, Macey had my phone to play with--all was well.

We quickly got into a room, and the nurse practitioner took a quick look and said she'd need 3 or 4 stitches! Macey is an excellent patient, and she listens well and takes in all the necessary information without losing her cool. They warned her that the numbing shot would sting, then burn. I think they did 3 or 4 injections, and she never flinched. No tears, nothing. I was so proud (and surprised)!

They stitched her up, and we went home. I think her takeaways from the entire ordeal were, "Getting hurt equals stickers, popsicles and staying up late." All in all, it was a good Sunday!

Already counting down the minutes for the next ER visit. I foresee many more ER visits in our chaotic future.

Letting Daddy check things out.

Getting stitched up while watching the ball game.

February 17, 2013


We were all cuddling watching a movie earlier, and Easton randomly started laughing at everything with this hilarious over-the-top laugh!

February 14, 2013

February 13, 2013

Happy (Almost) Valentine's Day!

Today's is Macey's Valentine's Day party at school, and she's very excited! I don't really think any of the kids know Valentine's Day is a lovey-dovey day, but I know they're pumped about candy.

February 3, 2013

This... why my hair will be completely gray some day. Oh, this boy is lucky he's so adorable.

Yep, that's Vaseline. We thought he was asleep.

The day after. After cornstarch, baking soda and three or four hair washes. 
Our next try will be Dawn dish soap.