May 15, 2012

Um, Go to Sleep.

Instead of going to sleep tonight, Macey's been spending time laying out beds for her babies and animals. If you notice, a baby is missing from one blanket because she's sitting in timeout. Not sure why her babies are always in trouble...

Greg walked in to tell her to go to sleep, and when he walked back out he heard her say, "That was my daddy," to one the babies. He's already cramping her style!

May 6, 2012

Fair on the Square

This weekend was Collierville's annual Fair on the Square, and today we went with my parents and Greg's mom. It was hot, but we enjoyed it! There's always a lot of fun things to see and do, and way too much yummy stuff to eat! You can't leave a fair without getting a corn dog, right?

Being silly with Granna!
Listening to our church's choir perform for a little bit.

Me and my boy!

Getting the bumgy ropes on...
And this was as far as we got. About two seconds later the crying began, and she got down!