July 17, 2013

Interview with Macey, Age 4

Favorite color: Blue (This surprised me...usually it's pink or purple.)

Favorite animal: Chicken (What in the world?) and horsies

Favorite food: Chicken nugget (Ah, the irony.)

Favorite movie: Dragon Hiccup (A.K.A. How to Train Your Dragon)

Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me

Favorite TV show: Sofia the First

Favorite place: The park

Best friend: Mattie

Favorite princess: Rapunzel

Favorite restaurant: McDonald's (This cracks me up...I can think of a handful of times she's been there, but hey...momma loves some McD's fries, too.)

Favorite drink: Lemonade 

Favorite toy: Ariel Barbie doll

Favorite game: Unicorn (No idea.)