August 2, 2012

Interview with Macey: Year 3

I'm not sure what I'll do with all of this information yet, but I have this idea to ask the kids the same questions on their birthdays starting when they turn three. Should be interesting...if I remember to do it every year!

Favorite movie: Shrek (This cracks me up because she's watched it once, but she's watched all three Toy Story movies and How to Train Your Dragon about 152,839,048,230,270 times each.)

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite song: Family song (She makes up random songs using the words mommy, daddy, Easton, Greg, Emily, Dorsey and Bailey, so I guess that's what she meant by this answer.)

Favorite toy: Baby doll (She is her mother's daughter. I loved baby dolls!)

Favorite place: Presley's house (How sweet is that?! Presley is our awesome babysitter's daughter.)

Best friend: E-Paul (Easton)

Favorite game: Connect 4 (As far as I know, she's never played this, but she's kept a coupon from the newspaper for about two months now asking me to buy it for her.)

Favorite animal: Pig (Very surprised by this answer, but I know her Aunt Meredith will be happy!)

Favorite food: Chicken (Not at all surprised by this answer. She asks for chicken with ketchup for dinner every night.)

Favorite drink: Sprite (She gets Sprite at restaurants, and man oh man does it make this girl happy!)

That's all!

I Know, I Know...

Wow! It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here. I would blame the Olympics for stealing all of my time, but because those have only been on for about a week, I can't really use that excuse, huh?

Since the last post, Macey has turned three! Along a new sassy attitude, the big three has come along with some other fun things, including registration for gymnastics and preschool! Both of those things start next week, and she couldn't be more excited.

Mr. Easton has really just spent most of his time getting cuter. That child really couldn't be any more lovable. Here are a few new pictures!

I posted this on FB on Macey's 3rd birthday...