June 21, 2013

Was that a kick?

I'm only 13 weeks and two days along in this pregnancy, so I know that's really probably a little too early to feel any movement, BUT this morning when I was laying completely still in bed, I really think I felt something.

Supposedly, with subsequent pregnancies, you almost always feel the movement earlier than in your first because you know what to expect. With this being my third, I think it stands to reason that I could just be that cued into what to feel.

PLUS...I'm really 14 weeks and 2 days, I just don't have the pesky medical degree to technically be considered correct. See, before my first prenatal appointment, my due date was Dec. 18 based on dates (ladies will know what this means, guys just don't even try to wrap your head around it). Then at the first ultrasound, I was measuring about a week earlier, so they made my due date Dec. 25.

I was OK with that, until the ultrasound at my second appointment showed I was measuring perfectly along with the original due date. Well, my doctor said she was still sticking with the due date from the first appointment. Rude.

My organized, date-focused self really hates that she took my week away. Whenever someone asks how far along I am, I tell them, but in my head I'm saying, "But really 14 weeks..." or whatever.

Anyway, back to the kicks...I really, really think I felt the little peache's first movement this morning at 13 weeks (a.k.a. 14 weeks) along!

June 8, 2013

First Dance Recital

This year was Macey's first year of dance, and today was her very first recital! She has loved dance, so she was pretty pumped up about the big stage, costume and (most of all) make-up!

Once we got backstage for her first dance (ballet), she started to seem a little unsure about the whole thing. She was crying when they took her back to line up for her turn on stage, but once she was out there, she was happy as a lark. After the first dance, she was excited and ready for round two!

As I'm sure it is with all dance recitals, there was a lot of waiting between her routines, but she was a trooper and loved watching the other kids dance--especially the big girls.

Here are links to her dances:

Ballet (Now I See the Light from Tangled)--back row on the end
Tap (Take a Bow)--front row on the end

See what I mean? Not happy at first.

Snacks with a buddy between dances!

SILLY girls!

Proud daddy!

Macey and Grandma

June 4, 2013

Dear Pixar...

Idea from a mom. (A brilliant idea, I might add.)

You should make a Toy Story prequel about when Woody was originally made. We know he's been in Andy's family a long time, but who had him first? And was he a diva toy TV star back when Woody's Round-Up was originally on air? 

Yeah, go ahead and start working on that and just send me some royalties later. Oh, and invite me to the premiere. That'd really be the polite thing to do.

June 3, 2013

Some Potential FAQ About Baby Number Three

What?! Yep, I said it. Baby number three. This is happening.

But Emily, your kids are so young. Are you crazy?
Quite possibly. Right now, Macey is 3 and Easton is 2. Sounds slightly terrifying to add a newborn to the mix. BUT by the time this bun gets done cooking, Macey will be 4 AND A HALF, and Easton will be almost 3. Sounds totally different now, huh? Yeah, I know...but we're pumped!

How on Earth did you keep this a secret from your adoring public for almost two months?
Truly an act of God.

Refresh my memory, when is this one due?
Christmas Day! But he or she will arrive via scheduled c-section because I've already had two c-sections--most likely the week before that due date.

He or she, pink or blue? When will you find out the gender?
See the previous question. The week before Christmas. YEP, THAT'S RIGHT, we're holding out and not finding out the gender. Crazy, right? I agree! But because we've already been blessed with one of each, Greg and I both think it'll be an amazing, special moment to find out in the delivery room. It's like we're living in the Stone Age.

Was this baby planned?
Geez Louise. Rude.

Haha, just kidding. I'm super nosey/curious, so it's totally something I would wonder. Baby Joyner #3 was planned, prayed for, thought about, dreamed about--all of the above! 

Obvious question. Names? 
We have some serious contenders that are pretty much set in stone, but because we have...oh, six months or so to change our minds, we won't announce that just yet. But the middle name will either be Gregory or Marie (after my precious Nana, Margaret Marie. But if you ask my Aunt Lee, Marie is TOTALLY after her middle name.). 

P.S. So, I hate minivans, but if we can't make three carseats work in my SUV, I might be stuck with one of those monstrosities. It's for the kids, so you MUST promise not to make fun of me. I will ride in style and still bump non-kiddie music like a boss. Haters gonna hate.

P.P.S Approximately one month before giving birth, I will be jamming out in all my glory at the Justin Timberlake concert, and it will be amazing.