October 15, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever

I can admit it. I'm the worst blogger. Ever. In the history of blogging. But I vow to get better!

Tomorrow is Macey's 3-month birthday! I cannot believe that she invaded our world just three short months ago, but I am so glad she did. Every single day has been better than the last. Every single day, we learn a little more about her. Let me tell you, that kid loves life. She wakes up giggling and goes to bed with a content smirk on her face. I feel very blessed to have a healthy, happy, growing baby girl.

Sometimes, you just have to let it all hang out...

See what I mean. Happy baby!

Proud momma and daddy at Grandpa's birthday party.

In non-Macey news, we Joyner's are moving! Heading back over the state line to good ol' Tennessee. We are so excited that our home sold and we found a new home so quickly. In a period of 4 weeks (yes, that's four weeks), we got a contract on our house, found a new house and will be closing on both of those homes...still within those same 4 weeks. Our heads are still spinning a bit!

Goodbye for now. I will have Macey's 3-month pictures tomorrow! (Or at least I plan to accomplish that great task!)

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  1. So glad you updated the blog. Macey is adorable! Good luck with the move :)