December 4, 2011


Saturday, we took Macey to her first Tigers game of the season. As I've mentioned many times, she's a very active girl, so we chose a game that was expected to be a blowout (which it was) just in case she wanted to leave early (which she did). She seemed to love the craziness of it all, walking down Beale on the way to the game, dancing, music, cotton candy...but I'm almost positive she didn't even watch one play of the game.

Our seats are kind of high up, so I wonder if she could see so much in the surroundings that it was hard to focus on the actual game. She was great though, but she definitely won't be tagging along to any nail biter games, haha.

Check out my Memphis glasses!
Cotton candy! Which she hardly ate. Is this my child?!
And by the time we left, this is what she was more interested in!
We saw lots of bar-hopping Santas on the way to the car!
Lots of walking equals a tired girl (and daddy!)

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