August 2, 2012

Interview with Macey: Year 3

I'm not sure what I'll do with all of this information yet, but I have this idea to ask the kids the same questions on their birthdays starting when they turn three. Should be interesting...if I remember to do it every year!

Favorite movie: Shrek (This cracks me up because she's watched it once, but she's watched all three Toy Story movies and How to Train Your Dragon about 152,839,048,230,270 times each.)

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite song: Family song (She makes up random songs using the words mommy, daddy, Easton, Greg, Emily, Dorsey and Bailey, so I guess that's what she meant by this answer.)

Favorite toy: Baby doll (She is her mother's daughter. I loved baby dolls!)

Favorite place: Presley's house (How sweet is that?! Presley is our awesome babysitter's daughter.)

Best friend: E-Paul (Easton)

Favorite game: Connect 4 (As far as I know, she's never played this, but she's kept a coupon from the newspaper for about two months now asking me to buy it for her.)

Favorite animal: Pig (Very surprised by this answer, but I know her Aunt Meredith will be happy!)

Favorite food: Chicken (Not at all surprised by this answer. She asks for chicken with ketchup for dinner every night.)

Favorite drink: Sprite (She gets Sprite at restaurants, and man oh man does it make this girl happy!)

That's all!

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