January 26, 2014

What's Going On Today

Today has been a good day. This is not to say that we'll be out of here soon, but today has been a good day. As I've said before, I will gladly celebrate even the smallest of victories throughout this process!

I was a little nervous as we moved into the weekend because I knew we'd most likely get a new crew of docs and nurses. I was so happy with everyone during the week that I couldn't help but worry about whether or not I'd feel as at ease with the weekend nurses and the new group of doctors for the week. I'm thrilled to report that my worries were for nothing--everyone has been just as wonderful! I know I sound like a broken record, but I really can't say enough about the compassion and kindness we've felt from everyone. The nurses go above and beyond to not only make sure Hayden is comfortable and taken care of, but also to check on Greg and me. One of our sweet nurses does her best to fix his bed up as cute as possible every time she's with us. I can't wait to show her the new batch of blankets we brought last night so she can keep up the creative work! We've had nurses who have called up here, texted other nurses and sent Facebook messages just to touch base with us. That's a pretty amazing feeling!

Every day during the doctors' rounds we're invited to participate, and I pretty much have at least one question every time. I've never once felt intimidated or nervous about chatting it up with the group. They've always ready, willing and able to not only answer my questions, but answer them in a way that I fully understand what they're telling me.

About Hayden's progress...soon (as in tonight or tomorrow) we're going to start weaning him from the vent. Now that his CO2 levels are within normal limits (HUGE blessing!) we can start the this slow and steady process. We want to go as slowly as his body needs, and there's no way to pinpoint how long that could take. The last thing we'd want is to move too quickly and risk the chance of him needed to be put back on the ventilator!

Right now, he looks super precious in his bed all decked out with a Tigers blanket. I mean, it is game day, so we had to fix him up right! I got to hold him yesterday and today, which was so, so nice. I hadn't held my sweet boy since Monday. If you're a momma, I know you understand how hard that would be. I offered to just hold him until it was time to leave the hospital, but they didn't think that was the best idea. Weird.

Let's see...what else? Continue to pray for patience, encouragement and most of all--Hayden's healing. His chest X-rays are improving each day, so we want that to continue. There are some other minor issues that they expect to resolve themselves once the vent is removed, so please keep that in your prayers, as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with the direction we're headed. No matter how small, each improvement moves up one step closer to home.

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