April 11, 2009

Preparing the Nursery

For Macey's nursery, we decided to go with pinks, browns and creams. These colors will be quite a contrast from the blue and white guest room, which is now being transformed into a baby girl's room!

It's been a big chore so far, that's for sure. But we're definitely happy with the progress!

BEFORE: Blue and White
(Me, 24 weeks, and Dorsey, just nosey.)

PHASE 2: Primer...lovely, I know.

PHASE 3: Paint! (Cream and Chocolate Brown)

More to come soon! (Well, "soon," means whenever I find a pink/brown border to go in the middle!) Seriously, how difficult can it be to find a pink/brown border for this room?! I'm making progress though. Hopefully I'll find the perfect one soon!

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