August 29, 2011

Actual Conversation With My Child

As I'm sitting on the couch on our laptop, Macey climbs up next to me with her blankie.

Me: Macey, do not touch the computer.
Macey: Beep beep?
Me: No beep beep. [When she wants to push buttons, she says beep beep because I guess that's the noise she associates with buttons!]

I then watch her sneaky little hand move closer to the keyboard WHILE UNDER HER BLANKIE. Then she pushes buttons on the laptop.

Me: Macey, I said no touching the laptop.
Macey: It was bankie [the blankie], momma!

Tell me how a two-year-old already knows how to blame someone/something else for her sneaky little tricks?! That child is already way too smart for her own good. Every day she gets smarter, and I get a little dumber.

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