November 5, 2011

Christmas Gift for a Cause

As someone who works in nonprofit, it's probably not surprising that I love giving gifts that also help an important cause! Here's a great idea that you might like as you're thinking about shopping for the holidays.

Have you heard of the International Princess Project? This organization advocates for women enslaved in prostitution, helping them restore their lives and empowering them to live free. In 2005, Shannon Keith, the IPP founder, took a life-changing to trip to India during which she saw the faces of young women and girls trapped against their will. Upon returning home to America, she was determined to make a difference.

Here's how YOU can help (and shop!):

Check out the IPP website and consider buying a pair of gorgeous and comfortable Punjammies, which are pajamas made by women who were formerly enslaved in prostitution. By creating these pajamas, the women are learning a marketable skill so they can safely support themselves and provide for their families.

I have these!

Look at the cute bag they come in!

I really want these...and so many others!

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