November 1, 2011

Halloween FUN

This year's Halloween was awesome! Even though this was technically her third Halloween, this year Macey REALLY got it, which made it so much fun! Easton was just cool, calm and collected the whole time, even though poor little guy didn't get to have any candy. Next year, Easton, next year!

I would love to say that I made their costumes DIY-style, but who are we kidding...I'm not the craftiest mom out there. Maybe one day. BUT I did get both of them for $11 a piece, so in my opinion, spending $22 total on Halloween costumes was a steal.

On Halloween, Macey's babysitter painted her face like a kitty cat! 

My Easton man!
When we got to Zoo Boo, his stroller wouldn't buckle with the suit on, haha!

Let's go!

Macey and her buddy, Paxton.
Sweet girl wanted to "write about the animals" when we got home!

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