February 26, 2012

Beautiful Weekend!

We were so blessed with gorgeous, perfect weather this weekend! We took full advantage by spending a lot of time outside. Saturday (after Macey's first haircut!) we went to my parents, and the kiddos played outside in their favorite big truck. Sunday after church, naps and errands, we went and walked the greenbelt tail by our house. It was a perfect day, so there were a lot of people out and about.

Driving the "big truck" at Granna and Pop's!
Easton loooooves riding with his crazy sister!
Mommy and her girl!

Easton "walking" with mommy.
Old-school Emily/Greg picture. :-)
Easton just chilling, along for the ride!
Just excuse the unsnapped onesie hanging out!
Macey ran...a lot!
Looking at the river with daddy!
Pushing Easton in the stroller!
So precious!
She decided to act like she was sleeping when I told her the animals were probably taking a nap.
She jumped off the trail to play in some rocks.

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