March 2, 2012

Well Who Doesn't Love Peanut Butter?

I don't typically give Easton little tubs of peanut butter...well, I have never given him a little tub of peanut butter, haha. But this boy has been sick all week, so he's basically getting whatever he wants!

Monday afternoon he started running fever and refusing to drink (I tried any and everything). The fever and no drinking kept up on Tuesday, along with some fussiness. So, a trip to the doctor was in order...double ear infection! Yuck! Wednesday, Easton and I stayed home, and he still wouldn't drink. By mid-morning I could tell he was dehydrated (no tears and no wet diapers), which made me very nervous. I did NOT want to take my precious boy to the hospital. So, of course, I called my mom! She came over and we gave Easton Pedialyte through a medicine drop at a time. It was awful, he was miserable, but it helped. After that, he slept for nearly five hours, then I woke him up to check on things. He was happier and had a wet diaper!

By Thursday, I thought we were in the clear. Then around lunch time, Greg's mom called to tell me he was running a fever of 103.4. I left work, picked up both kids and headed straight to the doctor. Turns out that the left ear was looking great, but the right ear still looked really bad. Because he'd already had three doses of the antibiotic by that point, the doctor wasn't too happy about how the right ear still looked, so we had to get a shot. NOT FUN! It was his first "sick kid" shot, and oh was it awful. I was hoping for a good night's sleep, but that night the poor thing was awake crying more than he was asleep. I think it literally took a full 24 hours to kick in, but before bed tonight, he was drinking out of his sippy cup, eating lots and went right to sleep with no trouble. I'm hoping he wakes up tomorrow morning good as new! :-)

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