March 30, 2012

Too, Too Funny

Potty training Macey has been a bit of an adventure. This week has been really, really good...probably because I came up with a new strategy. I went to Dollar Tree and filled a basket with candy, little toys, small books and lip balm (or "lip stuff" as Macey calls it.) When she uses the bathroom, she gets to pick something fun! The first day she wanted to go potty every 15 minutes or so just to pick a prize, but just as I hoped, the newness seems to be wearing off so she's not asking to pick a prize as often. My goal is just to never replenish the basket once everything is gone.

Last night, after going to the potty like a big girl on her own all afternoon and evening without asking for a prize, she happened to see her basket of goodies on top of the fridge. Of course, she asked for a piece of candy. As she was looking through her basket (which is quite a production every time), Greg said, "Macey, can I have a piece, too?"

She stopped, looked straight up at Greg and very seriously said, "Daddy, you need to go to the potty, ok?"

She's destined to be a teacher...or president.

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