December 30, 2012

The Time I Hung Out with Mike Wolfe

Full Disclosure: We didn't "hang out" as much as I just took a picture with him, but that's really not important.

This weekend, Greg and I went to the last Titans game of the season. (We won!) During half time, this handsome fella kind of climbed over me (you know how tight those stadium seats are) to get to his seat. After he sat down a couple people away from us I kept staring him down because he looked SO familiar. Then I realized, it was Mike Wolfe from American Pickers!

If you know me at all, you know I love stalking asking famous people for pictures if I happen to see them, so I was pretty pumped/nervous. I had to be kind of cool about it because if I made a fool of myself, I'd have to continue sitting two people away from him feeling stupid.

So, I made my move as we were leaving. Completely safe way to go. As I walked by, I tapped him on the shoulder and asked for a picture. He graciously said yes and even wished me a happy new year. How sweet is that?! Mike wanted to make sure I had a happy new year!

At that point, I thought/hoped he would ask me to make appearances on the show, but he didn't. Weird.

After we left, I so wished I had told him how I used to watch the show with my Nana, who passed away in April. She loved watching him and Frank, and I loved watching it with her. Every single time, I would get my feelings hurt for some random collector who wanted more for their stuff than Mike would give, and every single time she would laugh and say, "That was just their business. Those people are still getting to sell their stuff!" Nana would be so proud if she knew I hung out with Mike today!

P.S. He is super, super handsome in person. Even cuter than on the show!

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