June 21, 2013

Was that a kick?

I'm only 13 weeks and two days along in this pregnancy, so I know that's really probably a little too early to feel any movement, BUT this morning when I was laying completely still in bed, I really think I felt something.

Supposedly, with subsequent pregnancies, you almost always feel the movement earlier than in your first because you know what to expect. With this being my third, I think it stands to reason that I could just be that cued into what to feel.

PLUS...I'm really 14 weeks and 2 days, I just don't have the pesky medical degree to technically be considered correct. See, before my first prenatal appointment, my due date was Dec. 18 based on dates (ladies will know what this means, guys just don't even try to wrap your head around it). Then at the first ultrasound, I was measuring about a week earlier, so they made my due date Dec. 25.

I was OK with that, until the ultrasound at my second appointment showed I was measuring perfectly along with the original due date. Well, my doctor said she was still sticking with the due date from the first appointment. Rude.

My organized, date-focused self really hates that she took my week away. Whenever someone asks how far along I am, I tell them, but in my head I'm saying, "But really 14 weeks..." or whatever.

Anyway, back to the kicks...I really, really think I felt the little peache's first movement this morning at 13 weeks (a.k.a. 14 weeks) along!

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  1. I felt Grayson by 13-14 weeks too. I thought I was crazy but know that's what it was. So exciting! Congrats to you :)