June 8, 2013

First Dance Recital

This year was Macey's first year of dance, and today was her very first recital! She has loved dance, so she was pretty pumped up about the big stage, costume and (most of all) make-up!

Once we got backstage for her first dance (ballet), she started to seem a little unsure about the whole thing. She was crying when they took her back to line up for her turn on stage, but once she was out there, she was happy as a lark. After the first dance, she was excited and ready for round two!

As I'm sure it is with all dance recitals, there was a lot of waiting between her routines, but she was a trooper and loved watching the other kids dance--especially the big girls.

Here are links to her dances:

Ballet (Now I See the Light from Tangled)--back row on the end
Tap (Take a Bow)--front row on the end

See what I mean? Not happy at first.

Snacks with a buddy between dances!

SILLY girls!

Proud daddy!

Macey and Grandma

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