March 4, 2011

15 Days

Just 15 days ago, we welcomed Easton into our world. So far, things are GREAT! Macey loves being a big sister and cannot stop kissing and hugging him. She won't even attempt to say his name though, but it might not be the easiest name for a 19-month-old to say. When we say, "Can you say Easton?" She'll smile and say, "Baby!" At least she knows he's the baby in the house.

Little E is a great baby. He's waking up about twice each night to eat...Well, I consider 5 a.m. nighttime, but some people might say he wakes up once during the night (around 1:30 a.m.) and again at 5 in the morning. The past few days he's been bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after that 5 a.m. feeding. I had to have a little talk with him about the fact that momma doesn't do 5 a.m. I must be very persuasive because this morning he went right back to sleep after that snack!

Greg and I took Easton took his 2-week check-up on Wednesday, and he's doing just great. He hasn't lost much weight at all since he was born. He's currently 8 lbs. 4 oz. (50th percentile) and 21.5 inches long (95th percentile.) So, he's about average weight and a little tall/long for his age.

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