March 17, 2011

Happy One Month Birthday...and St. Patrick's Day!

Today Easton is an entire month old! He's getting so big! I feel like the second time around things are going by even faster. It's so hard to believe that he's been in our world for a month.

Yesterday I attempted to weigh him at home, and he was a whopping 10 pounds. (That may or may not be very accurate.) Regardless, I know he's at least growing in length because he's almost too long for a quite a few newborn outfits.

A lot of people have asked how Macey and the dogs are adjusting with the new addition. The dogs couldn't care less. I guess all the newness of a baby wore off with Macey because they really don't pay Easton much attention. Macey, however, pays him LOTS of attention. She loves him so much! I've been thrilled (and relieved) with how great she's been with him. She wants to help as much as possible and cannot stop kissing him. Of course, sometimes she gets a little too excited and we have to remind her to be gentle, but that's not too surprising.

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