March 28, 2011

Big Bird, Elmo and Oscar Oh My!

Over the weekend, Greg and I took Macey girl to see Sesame Street Live! For those of you who don't know Macey, trust me when I say she is a high energy kid! She rarely walks anywhere because clearly running at full speed is the better option. She can jump, spin and run laps through the house for what seems like hours on end...all while cracking up at the hilarious stories she tells/imagines. We expected her to last about 10 seconds sitting still at the show, but we were still looking forward to it!

She proved us wrong! Macey sat still and watched the show for 25 minutes! We were shocked. After that, she wanted to climb back up the steps and run the halls of the FedEx Forum. We had fun doing that, too, because it's hard not to have fun with that girl!
Just relaxing on the way to the show...

Me and my girl!

Silly face!

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