April 6, 2012

20 Questions with Chase Landry

I have to admit that my blog title is misleading because I've never gotten to ask Chase Landry 20 questions. But wouldn't that be great? In fact, I think I'd like to ask quite a few of my Swamp People buddies a few questions. If given the opportunity, here are a few things I'd like to know.

Chase (It's no secret that he's my favorite this season, if you've read my previous Chase Landry post.)

1) Who's your lucky lady?
2) Are you the proud father of any swamp cuties?
3) Where'd you learn to be such a sharp shooter, big fella?
(Disclaimer...Because I'm happily married with children of my own, the first two questions are just out of curiosity. Plus, I'm sure many inquiring minds out there want to know.)


 My one and only question: Sunscreen? Please tell me you use it. You have a lot of exposed skin, brother.

Jay Paul

1) Just between us, do you ever get tired of hearing your dad say, "bro"?
2) How do you always seem so calm? The only time you ever seem to have a worry in the world is when there's a threat of poachers!

So come on History Channel, what do you say? Hook me up with a question/answer session for some of the Swamp People crew?

I'm a big HUGE Swamp People fan. This might be surprising if you think about the fact that I'm not exactly a fan of the great outdoors. I mean I appreciate the beauty in nature, but I thoroughly enjoy the conveniences of air conditioning and buying my dinners at the grocery store. Maybe I live vicariously through these men (and women!) because I am way too big of a wimp to even think about an encounter with a live alligator. But boy is it fun to watch.

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