October 22, 2010

Cue the Crankiness

I'm going to blame the crazy Memphis weather for my crankiness, simply because it has given Macey and me stuffy noses. My crankiness could also be attributed to the fact that at my doctor's appointment this morning, I found out the following things:
  • Baby J and I are healthy enough to fly out of town this week for a work trip. I know that's technically good news, but there is not one fiber in my being that is looking forward to my very first trip away from Macey. Three nights people. It's heartbreaking. And I'm always sad when I have to leave Greg because he's an awesome hubby, and I miss him pretty easily. (For the record, I of course am VERY HAPPY that Baby J and I are healthy! That's always priority number 1.)
  • At my next appointment, I have to take the glucose test. Because I've never had to go through the whole "labor" thing (thank you, c-section with Macey), this is still the worst part of pregnancy in my mind. Now, if I have a successful labor and delivery with Baby J, you can ask me again if drinking the sugar glucose drink was worse.
  • I have to get a flu shot. Well, I guess I don't have to, but my doctor said (in so many words), that I could die if I get the flu. So, I guess I'll take the shot. (There's a chance I might have exaggerated her reasoning for wanting me to get the shot, but my version pretty much summed it up.)
Glad all of THAT is out of my system! Moving on to a beautiful "fall" day in Memphis. Happy Friday!

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