October 20, 2010

I'm Not So Sure About This...

Somehow, my newborn daughter turned 15 months old on Saturday. Ridiculous! 15 months old?! She's practically driving. For the past 26 years, I've heard countless people say, "They grow up so fast," or "I can't believe so-and-so is already in high school." Now I perfectly understand what all those people have meant, and it's a terrible feeling.

On the completely opposite side of that spectrum, it's so much fun to see Macey grow and change every day. (Seriously, something new and exciting happens every day.) She has quite the personality (a little stubborn like her momma and very loud like her daddy, haha), she loves pretty much all animals that come near her and she plays/babbles nonstop. Every time we visit my parents, my mom says she's like a little whirlwind that comes through their house.

My little tornado baby!

Go Tigers Go!

See what I mean about the animals?

I'll stay in my box, thanks.

Boxes and shoes, boxes and shoes. Two of her favorite things.

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