June 22, 2011

So Different From His Sister

For about four months now we have been commenting on how different Easton is from Macey, and here are exhibits A and B to help prove our point. :-)

A) This afternoon while feeding Easton, I ran upstairs to check on Macey who had just gone up there playing with "Buhley" (our Basset Hound, Bailey). I was gone for less than 30 seconds, and when I came back down to the kitchen, I found Easton like this...sound asleep. Out like a light! At first I was scared to death, because it's a little unsettling to unexpectedly see your baby with his head down like that perfectly still. Once I realized he was sleeping, I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture! Don't get me wrong, Macey is an excellent sleeper, but she has NEVER just fallen asleep in a high chair or some other random place.

B) Check out this video of Easton eating (and I use that term loosely) sweet peas. Pretty obvious that he's not a fan! I'm not sure that Macey ever turned down any baby food at all. Even now at 23 months, I can only think of a few things that she won't eat.

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