June 29, 2011


(Disclaimer: I totally stole this idea from my friend Danielle, but she's really nice so I doubt she'd care.)

In my mind, I've had some flexible goals set for this whole Couch to 5K adventure, but to be honest I'm surprised I've even lasted to week three so I haven't given much thought to my goals. I think it's a good idea to put them in writing to hold myself accountable. My current goals aren't necessarily associated with a specific amount of weight loss, but primarily focused on getting through the 9-week program...even if it takes me longer than 9 weeks!

Goal #1: If I make it to week 5, buy a new pair of good running shoes.

Goal #2: If I make it through the program and sign up for a 5K race, buy a cool running outfit because I definitely run in sloppy, baggy clothes.

Goal #3: If I go through with the 5K race, I'm going to treat myself to a pedicure. I realize that a pedicure is not really a "treat" for many women, but because I can do my own nails at home, I rarely fork over the cash to have a professional do it for me. So, for me...a pedicure is a fun treat!


  1. I just started running too! I've been at it almost two months. I made the mistake of bringing it up at a party this weekend, and of COURSE the people I talked to were all "oh yeah I run about 8 miles" and "I trained for a marathon last year." But hey, you have to start somewhere.

  2. Oh, I am soooooooo far away from 8 miles, haha. And a marathon isn't even my radar! Good to know I'm not the only one. :-)

  3. That's how I started running!! Those programs are GREAT. Of course I had to do it with a group of women because I'm not so great at the self-motivation. Keep with it and one day, out of the blue, it won't be so hard anymore and you'll love it!!!