January 10, 2011

Snow Day...Take 2

After a long nap (nearly 3 hours!), Macey woke up PUMPED about the snow. I don't know what happened during that nap, but she woke up as if she hadn't just seen our snow-covered yard 3 hours earlier. She kept pointing out the window oooohhhing and ahhhhhing. So, after lunch we suited up and headed back outside.

This time we put on regular tennis shoes, not her pretty boots, and she seemed much more at ease with getting those snowy. I only saw her wipe them off once. She just loved walking around, watching the dogs and pointing to the birds playing in the trees.
The shoe Macey brought me when she wanted to go outside...
My slide!

Macey "giving" Dorsey some snow.
You can't really tell, but she was cracking up at herself in this one...

My beautiful snow girl!

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