January 2, 2011

Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

We love the zoo! As Macey gets older, it's more and more fun. We took a zoo trip yesterday morning, and Macey said "Ooooohhhh" every time she saw a new animal. She was hilarious watching the gorillas! When the big boy Mwelu yawned, Macey would mimic him and open her mouth as wide as possible.

Apparently she was a fan of the ocelots, but they seemed a little cranky to me. When we walked by them in Cat Country, they hissed and whined at us, which Macey loved. When we started to walk away, she ran back to them to wave bye-bye and blow them kisses. Maybe she was trying to cheer them up!

I think we were looking at tigers here...
Soooo funny!

I think this was the end of one of her gorilla yawns.
I just thought he was funny with his little blanket.
Duck duck! (That's what Macey says.)

Dancing in the Northwest Passage!
Successful trip!

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