January 25, 2011


This morning at my weekly check-up I learned that little Easton has turned and is no longer breech! Yay! I was really happy to hear this news, as this has been a high priority on my prayer list for weeks and weeks now. Like I've said before, even though my c-section with Macey went very well, I have really wanted to avoid the longer recovery time with my big girl running around unable to understand why I couldn't hold her. Of course, there are still things that could cause me to need a c-section after all, but those chances have greatly decreased, and for that I am very thankful!

Other than that, the check-up was pretty uneventful, which is a good thing in pregnancy. His heart rate is still good and everything is progressing as it should. I've not started dilating at all, but at this point that's pretty normal.Things are moving right along! Three weeks and counting...

We have a hospital tour scheduled for this evening, but if we end up with the snow they're predicting, then we'll just be staying home safe and sound on the couch!

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