February 8, 2011

Big Baby E

Today I went in for another routine check-up. I mentioned to my doctor that Easton hasn't been moving as often. When he does move, he moves like a wild man, but I feel like it's just not happening as often. So, of course, we did an ultrasound to assess everything even though his heart rate was great on the doppler.

During the ultrasound I found out two very important things:

1) He has lots of hair. How cute is that?!
2) He's GIGANTIC. I know these measurements can be off sometimes, but he's currently measuring around 8.5 pounds. Yowzas. The ultrasound technician asked, "Are you sure you don't want to schedule another c-section?"

Anywho...everything looked perfect on the ultrasound! He passed all of his little "tests," and had plenty of amniotic fluid to swim around in. My doctor is perfectly happy with his progress.

The only not-so-great news is that my blood pressure is slowly creeping up higher week-by-week. My doctor isn't thrilled about that, but for now she's OK with me waiting to go into labor on my own. She just gave me a few precautions and things to pay attention to. I would greatly appreciate prayers for me to go into labor on my own before my next check-up and that my blood pressure doesn't continue rising.

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