February 1, 2011

So...About that Prediction

Here I sit on February 1, and I can't help but notice that I'm still pregnant. Yes, I'm still 2 weeks from my due date, but I was really confident that Easton would be a January baby. January has come and gone...

At my check-up earlier this afternoon, I learned that I've really made no progress. I'm not dilated, not effaced, nothing, nada, zip, zilch. My doctor reminded not to be too disappointed because she said things can change and progress quickly with no real warning, so just because I'm not dilated doesn't mean I couldn't go into labor as early as tonight. The one good thing I learned is that he is indeed moving down and getting into position for delivery, so that was great to hear!

Thankfully, I still feel well. Just very, very anxious. And I will admit that I'm pretty worn out once I get home from work these days, but overall more anxious than anything. For now, we just wait.

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