May 26, 2011

Not a whole lot to report, just the usual. Both kiddos are getting way too big way too quickly! Easton still shows no interest in rolling over, but he is suddenly very interested in his feet! When he grabs his feet and pulls them up to his head, he rolls and bobs around, but never all the way over. When we lay him on his belly, he just looks around the room for as long as you leave him there! I have a feeling that once he finally rolls over, he'll go straight to rolling all over the place!

We conquered the pacifier battle with Macey girl! Actually (thankfully) it was no battle at all. Macey loves her "pa-pa," but I began thinking maybe it was time to cut back, so we decided to start leaving it in her crib and told her it was only for night night. Other than her asking "Where pa-pa?" a few times the first day, she really hasn't cared too much! I was worried about that issue for weeks for really no reason at all. Next battle(s)...potty training or switching her to a toddler bed. Not sure when we'll start either, but it'll most likely be sooner than later.
Easton loves Elmer the Elephant!
Happy, happy boy!
Loving on her babies!
Saying, "Cheeeeeese!"
Daddy and his little lookalike!
At first this was a smile, but it turned into this funny face when I took the picture!
Brother and sister!

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