May 2, 2011


Last week, tornadoes brought havoc and devastation to several southeastern states. We've seen countless images of demolished homes and families crying over lost loved ones, and we've heard so many stories of absolute heartbreak. Thankfully, we've also seen uplifting footage of friends helping friends, strangers helping strangers and communities working together to rebuild.

Yesterday I heard an amazing story that I had to share from a friend who lives in Alabama. A local doctor who has treated many of the injured in an Alabama hospital told her about a special little 3-year-old boy who was found four days after the tornadoes ripped through his home. He was in a cooler, alive and well. When they asked who put him in the cooler, he said, "The man with the wings." Chills? Me too.

As someone said on my Facebook status about this story, God is DEFINITELY still in the miracle business.


  1. Everyone is asking if this is can we verify? City, name of Dr...newspaper article ANYTHING?

  2. I didn't read it in a newspaper article, but a friend in Tuscaloosa told me. The doctor works at a Tuscaloosa area hospital, but I don't know his name. She did hear the story directly from the doctor. I think it's a beautiful story! Have you seen this story posted in other places, too?