May 30, 2011

Some of My Favorites

I'm sure all moms' lists of favorite products, projects, etc. keeps growing and growing. I know mine does! I thought I'd share just a few of my most recent favorites.

Macey LOVES yogurt. She could eat it at every meal! We love YoBaby and Kroger's brand The Truly Awesome yogurt (that's really what it's called...):

Although I'm not too incredibly strict on foods, I do try to find healthier options in everything we eat. I like these brands because they don't include dyes, the fruit is organic and the sugar content is much lower than other yogurts. Sometimes for breakfast, I'll cut up fresh fruit and add it on top, making it extra special!

Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Lotion:
Now I really have no clue if this helps Easton sleep better or not, but I love the way it smells on his sweet little self when we get him ready for bed each night!

Curious George!
Macey's not a huge TV fan; she'd much rather be outside. She's obsessed with the outdoors, which really is a good thing (except for the fact that it is dang HOT in Memphis already). However, if she's going to watch something on TV, it's definitely George!

And of course, the best invention ever...the Bumbo!
Anytime a first-time mom asks me what she should register for, I always recommend the Bumbo. In our house, we use it A LOT! When Macey was a baby, she loved to see everything going on around her, and Easton's the same way. When we're eating dinner, we set Easton right there with us in his seat, and he often hangs out with me when I'm working in the kitchen. We are big fans of this product!

My newest addition...this Baby Trend double jogging stroller:
I really wanted a side-by-side jogger, as I knew Macey would want to be right next to her baby brother. So far, we are very pleased with this one! The seats are independent of each other, so I can lay Easton back and have Macey sitting as straight up as she'd like. It's also got an added bonus of an iPod plug-in so the babies can listen to music while we're strolling along! One drawback I see so far is that storage system below the seats has a divider, so it's really two separate storage areas, which would be a problem if you were hoping to store something larger...maybe on a shopping trip or something.

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