November 27, 2013

36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks! Ahhhh...tomorrow we're exactly three weeks (or less) from meeting this sweet baby. At my check-up on Monday, my doctor turned in the paperwork for the c-section to be scheduled on December 19, so I'm in total countdown mode!

Baby is the size of: A honeydew melon, which is what the websites said last week. Anywho. Somewhere in the 5 pound range and probably close to 19 inches long. Who seems like every week the websites all contradict each other, but I'm still thinking this is a long baby!

Sleep: Better this past week! I guess we've all been tired because we've all been snoozing pretty hard around our house, but--of course--I have at least three bathroom breaks throughout the night! It's getting harder and harder to roll out of bed with allllll this belly in the way.

Symptoms: Getting tired earlier in the evening, and I'm definitely feeling the need to stay organized. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm "nesting," but I feel a strong urge to leave work each day completely caught up, and I've been wanting to stay on top of laundry and a clean kitchen way more than usual.

Movement: The movement has definitely changed, so I can tell baby is running out of room. At my check-up, my doctor said the head is quite low (I believe it) and he/she's in position, so I think there is just no more room for the karate kicks and jabs. I still feel movement, it's just different these days.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes. My favorites lately are leggings with baggy t-shirts!

Go-to eats: I did great on cutting back on sweets last week...but we're talking about this week, and it's all downhill from here.

Best moment of the week: My check-up! Even though they're pretty quick and boring these days, I love hearing the heartbeat and getting that reassurance that all is well. Plus, each appointment is just one step closer to delivery!

Gender: I'm back on the boy train, but we shall see soon!

What I’m looking forward to: The holidays! Greg and I are both about to have four full days off work at home with the kiddos, and I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas after our Thanksgiving festivities. It's going to be fun/weird to have a fifth stocking on the mantle. I bought a "Baby's First Christmas" stocking last week, and I can't wait to see it hanging up with the rest of them! I'm also considering packing my hospital bag this weekend. Baby's is all packed up and ready, and I have a list started for mine...

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