December 1, 2013

Things That Make Me a Terrible Southerner

I am Southern through and through. Born and raised in Memphis, TN--and I love it here. I spent a summer living in NYC while in college, and while it was amazing, even then I knew I probably could never make it my home. Although it has some serious flaws, I love the South.

That being said, there are some major things that make me a terrible Southerner...
  • I won't drink tea. Sweet or unsweet, ice or no's disgusting. Of course (like a good Southern lady), I can pretend to like it and politely sip if it's the only option at a bridal shower or something, but ugh...just yuck.
  • I despise bacon. I know, I know...but seriously, even the smell grosses me out.
  • Apple pie? Disgusting. Really, in my opinion, all pie is gross except the chocolate fudge pie I make. And really the main reason I like that is because it's a lot like fudge (delicious) in a graham cracker crust, not a traditional pie crust.
  • You won't ever catch me hanging out in the woods. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the beautiful Earth God gave us, and I can take a day at the farm to visit some animals, but you'll most likely never catch me living too far away from a Target or going hunting. Basically, if something happens and we have to suddenly survive on our own out in the woods, I'll probably just immediately stop living. 
However, I don't think the Council of Southern Living* will take away my Southern status card or anything because I can say y'all and bless your heart with the best of them. Plus, as you can see, most of the things I associate with being purely Southern are food-related, and this ol' girl has no problem with a good home-cooked meal.

*I just made up the Council of Southern Living. I don't think it's a real thing, but now I'm thinking it should be.

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