November 8, 2010

A Glimpse of My Crazy Life

Last weekend was a great weekend! Seriously, it was. There was lots of family togetherness, we started getting the baby's room in order and just had a good time. The funny part is, when I go over the main highlights of the weekend, it sounds anything but great:
  • Friday evening Macey fell down the stairs. Hard. Watching your toddler topple over and over down a flight of stairs is not fun.
  • Saturday morning, Macey reached up to the kitchen table and spilled a cup of coffee on herself. Thankfully, the coffee was lukewarm at best.
  • Sunday, we attempted to take a family picture for our Christmas card. The dogs pulled my mom all over God's green earth and were eventually kicked out of our photo, then Macey decided she was OVER IT and wouldn't smile, sit still, etc. Long story might get a card with just me and Greg on the front, haha. (Probably not.)
  • Sunday night as I was making tacos, the shells literally caught on fire as I was warming them under the broiler in the oven. I'm talking, flames shooting out of the oven kind of fire.
  • Oh yeah, and Macey's cutting an evil little tooth. She's thrilled.
Doesn't that sound fun?! I promise, when I think back on the weekend, it really was a good one. All of those crazy catastrophes were short-lived, but the rest of the time was a lot of fun.

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