December 16, 2010

17 Months Later...

Today, Macey girl turns 17 months old. WHAT?! I know, right? Just a mere 17 months ago, we welcomed her into our little world. Wow.

Lately, she's become very accustomed to hearing "Macey Diane," (in an oh-so stern voice) and "No ma'am we don't hit/throw/etc." The phrase "time out" can bring on tears quicker than you ever imagined, but as soon as her minute is up, she's happy as a lark going on about her business.

Her newest thing is to use the sign language for "more" for everything. It is so cute that I rarely turn her down, even when she's just using it to get her way. For instance, she'll randomly walk in the kitchen, point to the snack cabinet and say, "more" while signing. It's adorable...until you realize she's eaten like 4 packs of fruits snacks!

Everything is changing on a daily basis--her hair's getting longer (and wild!), her speech is getting better and her negotiation skills are better by the minute.

Remember this? Just 17 months ago...

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