December 9, 2010

Am I the Only One?

Am I the Only Mom Who:
  • Talks way too long at the babysitter's house because I hate leaving my little girl for the day? (If you don't believe this, ask our babysitter.)
  • Feels a tiny bit guilty when my child is watching Curious George rather than doing something "intellectually stimulating"?
  • Worries about whether my child can eat too many bananas or drink too much milk/water/whatever? Seriously, who worries about that stuff?
  • Gets scared of an ear infection the second my child touches her ear. (She's only had two in her whole life and the most recent one was a year ago...why do I think it's bound to happen every time she tugs her ear!?)
  • Spends a lot of time guessing what my child might be when she grows up. My most recent guesses are veterinarian, member of an awesome dance crew or a comedian.
  • Spends more time that anyone should thinking, "What if I'm actually having twins?" Ok, I guess that one's only for moms who are also currently pregnant.
  • Firmly believes in the 3, 5, heck 10-second rule? If the snack on the floor is hers, I think she has every right to claim it and eat it.
  • Really, really doesn't care about the "no white shoes after Labor Day rule." Seriously people, they're shoes. Who cares what color they are?
  • In the same respect...who is perfectly OK if her socks doesn't totally match her outfit. Now, sometimes I do need the socks to match, but it will be OK if they don't.
  • Probably laughs at inappropriate times in front my of child. Sometimes, burps are funny. It's just a fact.
  • Thinks my mom is WAY smarter now that I have a child. She's always known a lot, but now she knows a lot more!
  • Spent the first few months of my child's life thinking my family personally kept the pediatrician's office running around like crazy.
Loving your baby comes easy to us mommas, and I seriously cannot remember what it was like to not have her in my life. I think Greg would agree that our world is much more exciting with our little Macey girl around. In just a couple months we'll double that crazy with Easton's arrival!

Hehe, haha...playing in her old Bumbo seat that is way too small!

Reading to daddy and whichever dog will stop and listen.

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