September 19, 2013

Dream, Dream, Dream

I'm sure most people have heard about women experiencing vivid, crazy, weird or scary dreams during pregnancy. Although, I can't remember any super crazy things happening while I was in dream land with any pregnancy, I've definitely had baby-related dreams. When I was pregnant with Macey, I remember dreaming that Greg and I were walking through the mall with a toddler-aged girl. That was before we knew she was indeed a girl!

When I was in my first trimester this time around, I had a dream that my precious Nana (who passed away last year) was rocking this sweet baby, and it was a boy.

Last night, I also dreamed of a baby boy...but...this dream wasn't as precious. Terrifying was more like it.

Background info: Keep in mind, I've had two scheduled c-sections and have never even felt a real, labor contraction. My body's never dilated, I've never been effaced...shoot, I still don't even really understand what effaced means. At this point, a c-section is about 99% likely this time around, too.

So...last night, I dreamed that I not only went into full blown labor, BUT it was so fast that baby boy was delivered right in our house. And he was TEN POUNDS, 2 OUNCES. I basically dreamed that I gave birth to a freakin' toddler. The old fashioned way!

Ay yi yi.'s kind of interesting that I dreamed of a boy once more, especially because lately I haven't really had any strong feelings either way about the gender.


  1. Pregnancy dreams are AWESOME. LOL. Let's see... mine have ranged from my 5 year old smoking cigarettes then stomping it out only to cause a brush fire, my new baby who was able to crawl and walk at just 4 days old and my favorite: I was picked out of the crowd by Enrique Eglasias who sang to me, kissed me and I got to go hang out backstage.

    I think my dreams are what I may miss the most about being pregnant! Enjoy! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, those are HILARIOUS dreams! You win the prize for crazy dreams for sure!