September 19, 2013

The Name Game

With poor Easton, we didn't have a name picked out until the third trimester. For some people, that's completely normal, but I'm a planner, and it was nearing a totally unacceptable time frame to still have a nameless child in my womb. We found a compromise and agreed on Easton (Greg's favorite) Paul (my dad's name).

Before we were even pregnant this time, I was determined to have at least a narrow list of name possibilities. I could sit and talk about baby names for hours, but Greg thinks it's the most boring thing ever--especially when we're not even expecting a child! But one day we were on a quick road trip, just the two of us, and we decided to make a baby name game like a basketball tournament bracket until we found our favorites.

We came up with some great ideas, which was perfect for when we found out we were expecting bambino numero tres.

And now, I think we've officially decided on the name possibilities:

Hayden Gregory Joyner
Sadie Marie Joyner

Hayden is a name we both really love, and Gregory is (duh) Greg's full name. Sadie is just a sweet little name (in our opinion), and it just so happens to be the name of two of my great-grandmothers. 

Marie is the most special because my amazing, awesome, wonderful Nana was named Margaret Marie, and she thought every girl in the world should have the middle name of Marie. She was a big fan. Also, it's my Aunt Lee's middle name, and she'll try to convince you that we'd be naming a girl after her. :-) Marie is also special because Greg had a precious, precious Aunt Marie who passed away not too long ago. She was a spitfire who everyone loved, and she has a special place in all of our hearts.

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