October 2, 2013

28 Weeks--Hello Third Trimester!

How Far Along: 28 weeks. The third (and final!) trimester is finally here. Crazy! I begin bi-weekly check-ups tomorrow, which means things will start to fly by! Can't wait to check on this sweet baby boy...or girl. :-)

Baby is the size of: An eggplant--around 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long. Amazing that all of that is sitting tight in my belly.

Sleep: Hip pain and lack of room when I'm trying to sleep thanks to the two dogs in our bed, the two children who inevitably wiggle in at some point and my growing belly.

Symptoms: Just my old lady, achy hips.

Movement: Pretty consistent. I love feeling the movement, but I guess that's pretty standard for all pregnant women. Although it doesn't really matter at this point, I'm almost positive Baby J is still in the breech position that he/she was in back at my 20-week ultrasound because almost all the movement is way down low below my bellybutton. I think the little feet are hanging out down there.

(**Post check-up update** Yep, baby is still very happily in a complete breech position, sitting on his/her booty with legs crossed.)

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes, but my favorite clothes are my comfy lounging and/or work out clothes.

Go-to eats: I still haven't had any BBQ, but that still sounds really, really, really good right now.

Best moment of the week: Macey referring to the baby as "my baby brother Hayden." This entire time she's been saying it's a girl and there was only a "Sadie" in there, but now she's starting to think it just might be a boy. Regardless, she'll be the greatest big sister to this lucky baby, too!

Gender: Still don't know, but I have now officially dreamed of a baby boy twice...

What I’m looking forward to: Tomorrow's check-up! I'm at the point (hopefully this is normal) where everything makes me a little anxious, so those more frequent check-ups will be so reassuring.

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